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The Face of Evil

Evil –

Evil is a force that is always present; sometimes guiding our actions and sometime lying dormant waiting for the next opportunity to arise.  It changes in appearance from time to time but can always be recognized for what it truly is by observing its actions.

Some believe things happen by chance or happenstance – that good and evil are relative forces that are applied as needed to achieve a desired goal.  Many do not believe that.  I agree with those who recognize evil in the world as a powerful and destructive demonic force. Evil is a master at deception. It can skillfully camouflage its influence to blend into many personalities, but seeks out narcissists whenever possible. Continue reading →

Blatant attempt to rob Parker County TEA Party of it’s name and reputation

Brad Felmey

It is with astounded disbelief that I receive the news of a blatant attempt to rob the real (and original) Parker Co. TEA Party of it’s name and reputation.

Zan Prince, the elected chair of the Parker Co. Republican Party, has apparently effected the registration of a Political Action Committee in the name of the Parker Co. TEA Party with the State of Texas without PCTP’s knowledge nor consent. Further, this new PAC has insultingly  insisted that the real PCTP relinquish the name (presumably under the overt or veiled threat of legal action). Continue reading →

Important Message to Parker County Tax Payers –


This is information regarding an appointment to replace Judge Don Chrestman on the 43rd District Court bench.

Information has come back from the Governor’s office that Zan Prince called his Appointment Secretary demanding (their words) that the Governor not appoint a replacement judge to serve the unexpired term but to leave the bench vacant for 2 years until the voters could decide on a replacement.  The voters will have that opportunity in 2 years anyway.

Why is an appointment important to us?  If the Governor were to comply with her request it would cost the county many thousands of dollars to pay a visiting judge – our tax dollars.  Conversely, Judge Riley sent a request that an appointment be made as soon as possible because the county does not have funds to pay visiting judges.  Leaving the bench vacant would be very detrimental to us! Continue reading →