WISD Purchases Land


From WISDbond.com, May 20, 2013 –

In a quick and somewhat hushed up special board meeting last Friday the Weatherford Independent School District Board of Trustees did one good thing by swearing in their newest board member Dr. Joshua Tarbay. However, they also granted Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Hanks with the ability to finalize a land purchase deal in the amount of $1.25 million.

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We Are Taxed Enough Already ~ VOTE NO!

By Dawn King, Parker County TEA Party –


Capacity Numbers Do Not Add Up!

School Capacity is the number one issue for the proposed bond according to the WISD Board of Trustees and administration. They would lead you to believe it is the driving force and the most urgent need behind this monolithic bond. However, when looking at the numbers, they just don’t add up.

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Parker-Weatherford voters have the usual case of “normalcy bias”

By Senator Blutarsky

Ref: Frank Williford’s post – Taxpayers will not be on the hook for ONLY 107 million –

Weatherford-High-School-1Frank – excellent analysis. I concur. But Parker-Weatherford voters have the usual case of “normalcy bias”. They refuse to think that things – society, finance, life in general – might be anything but normal, with an occasional thundercloud, but “normal”. So they set themselves up to be deceived by  (take your pick- the school board, city council, county commissioners court, State Rep or Senator), who advocate unscrupulous spending and financing schemes.

This boondoggle in particular is being peddled with the usual sad, weak emotional appeal of ” its for the children “………….riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight………. The same “children” who might grow up and inherit a colossal , oppressive debt ?

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