Philip Newkirk for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 3

Vote NO for the WISD BOND * We are Taxed Enough Already!

Newkirk-1My name is Philip Newkirk, I am a Christian, Conservative, and Concerned Citizen… I am NOT in favor of the proposed WISD Bond and NOT in favor of the CSCOPE Curriculum that is being used in our schools. Therefore, I am NOT in favor of a school board that would vote unanimously to back either. As a result, I am happy to officially announce my candidacy for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 3.

THE BOND: $107, 320, 00.00 Million
Why increase debt when public school debt is rising faster than tax revenue? Any logical person would sense a spending problem immediately. http://www.texastransparency.org/yourmoney/pdf/TexasItsYourMoney-EducationDebt.pdf ;

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Weatherford’s “gang of 8”

weatherford-high-school-11From WIKIPEDIA – Trustees are generally held to a “prudent person” standard in regard to meeting their fiduciary responsibilities, though investment, legal, and other professionals can be held to a higher standard commensurate with their higher expertise.

QUESTION – Whose interest should a “prudent person” on the WISD Board of Trustees be protecting, the tax payers or the superintendent?

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Dr. Joshua Tarbay for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 5

Vote NO for the WISD BOND * We are Taxed Enough Already!

Vote YES for a conservative voice –

Dr. Joshua Tarbay for WISD School Board of Trustee’s Place 5


My name is Dr. Joshua J. Tarbay and it is with great pleasure, that I announce my candidacy for WISD School Board of Trustees Place 5.

A little about me:

Loving husband and father of 2 WISD sweethearts
Volunteer coach of my daughter’s soccer team
Volunteer as a “Watchdog” at Mary Martin Elementary
Active member of St. Stephens church
Earned Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration
Chairman of the Health and Physical Education Department at Tarrant County College NW campus

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….a plan that would actually make a difference in the education of children

VOTE NO! FOR THE $107,320,000.00 WISD BOND!

VOTE YES! Joshua Tarbay & Philip Newkirk for WISD Board of Trustees!

After posting “Why VOTE NO on the WISD BOND”, I received the following response:
I deleted his/her name for the obvious reasons and added all emphases. – Dawn King, Parker County TEA Party


“As a teacher in the district, I feel that the focus of the bond is all in the wrong areas.
Don’t get me wrong, I think that 9th grade should move to the high school , and that 5th/ 6th grades shouldn’t be on the same campus as the much younger children.

But all the other things are ridiculous. They are upgrading the barns and ag dept. So the pigs and cows have a better facility, yet no change for student / teacher ratio. We will still cram 25-30 kids in a classroom with less staff and higher expectations, who is being treated like cattle? That’s right…the kids. Teachers are told that “how successful a child is in 2nd grade ultimately determines high school and graduation success”. The early years are the foundation!!! But all of the $$$ is going mainly to athletics, buildings, and not much else.

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Is WISD Administrative Oversight An Issue?


From WISDBond.com, 04/22/13 –

Administrative oversight is a must for any organization to run efficiently. A recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) brings to light some very troubling inadequacies in the Weatherford Independent School District administration’s record keeping. According to the document provided in response to the FOIA request, WISD does not keep documentation on administrative expenditures or Weatherford ISD Board of Trustees approved maintenance bonds.

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We Cannot Afford This Bond

From WISDBond.com, 04/20/13 –


All information and data provided in this post was obtain through Weatherford Independent School District’s own financial audit for 2011-2012. Various tables are provided for your convenience at our downloads section and the entire report can be found on the WISD website.

The Weatherford Independent School District Board of Trustees and administration would like you to believe that for what costs you a night out with friends, they will be able to pay off a $107,320,000.00 bond in 30 years. Couple this with the fact that at the end of their fiscal year 2012, the WISD still owed over $73 million of a $97 million bond awarded to them in 1999; then throw in $1.9 million in maintenance bond debt; add another $2.7 million in interest; and you have the makings of a financial disaster that would make Bernie Madoff cringe.

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