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Davis probed in FBI investigation of NTTA

From TexasTurf.org and Dallas Morning News, 04/14/14 –

Editorial: Public privateering — Wendy Davis said she wouldn’t, but did it anyway

Debra Medina: Comptroller Candidate, Straus Supporter

Debra Medina - Joe Straus

Debra Medina – Joe Straus

It is difficult to accept the fact that Debra Medina endorsed Straus, calling him “steadfast in his commitment to wield the gavel in a fair and just manner” and “committed to making sure that the will of the members and of the citizens of Texas be done in the coming session.”

In the eyes of true conservatives, supporting Speaker Straus in indefensible?

More times than I can recall, I have heard Rush Limbaugh say, “It’s not what they say, It’s what they do that matters”.

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Rick Perry Would Beat Wendy Davis by 14% and 6% With Women, Democrat Poll Shows

From LifeNews.com, by Steven Ertelt, 7/2/13 – Wendy Davis may be the pro-abortion superstar, but a new poll conducted by a Democratic polling firm shows pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry would beat Davis in a gubernatorial election — even with women voters.

From the poll from PPP, a Democratic polling firm:

PPP’s new Texas poll finds that Wendy Davis made a good impression on voters in the state last week- but that Rick Perry has also enhanced his political standing considerably over the last five months, making him tough to beat for reelection.

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Wendy Davis’ Unstable Political Future

Wendy_Davis-2From Red State, By: Matt Vespa (Diary), July 1st, 2013 – With Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster of SB 5 last week, she’s become a liberal rockstar.  Her filibuster was halted and the bill was passed, but not before the 12am deadline, which killed the bill – for now.  The unruly masses of pro-aborts in the gallery caused such a disturbance that procedural motions were unable to be heard, thus preventing the bill from being passed successfully.  It was mob rule.  The bill would’ve banned abortions 20-weeks into a pregnancy. And Gov. Rick Perry has already called another special session to begin July 1.

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