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Great day for homeless dogs at Weatherford Blooms

By Michelle Kays, April 29,2012 – If you were at Weatherford Blooms on Saturday you may have seen the adoption trailer there filled with pets looking for homes. If you were there at the end of the day you saw an empty trailer. Yes, that’s right, over 12 pets found new homes that day. Animals, that before, would have ended up as garbage in our shelter dumpster. But now these pets have families to care for them. Our shelter, under the direction of interim manager Dustin Deel, is improving every day. With help from Elyse Carter and another shelter employee, they achieved a wonderful thing that day.

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Animal Shelter ~ Smug Officials With Untouchable Mentalities

If you are/were a volunteer at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal “Shelter”, and have credible verifiable first-hand information relative to the horrendous treatment of animals at the facility, we want to hear from you. Please help us ensure that those who were responsible for the deliberate killing of 30+ adoptable puppies are held accountable for their actions, and that such despicable acts NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!  


Harry Wilfer, March 22, 2012 – 

Until ALL of the incompetent and uncaring politicians in this city AND county are replaced not a single thing will be resolved. As a former volunteer, I (as well as all of the volunteers) have been misled, delayed, sweet-talked and outright lied to by those in charge. When we asked why volunteers could not continue serving while the program was restructured our questions were met with political “double-speak.” Since January of this year I have not heard one clear and honest statement from anyone drawing a government paycheck. I have sent emails, OK angry emails, to the mayor and city council (lower case intentional due to lack of respect) and county officials. Replies? Phone calls from 2 city council members and the assistant city manager – to whom I did NOT sent an email. NO response from the mayor, other council members and none from a single county official. That’s a pretty accurate representation of smug officials with “untouchable” mentalities!

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Why can’t volunteers photograph adoptable pets at this “shelter”?

by Michelle “ex-parker paws volunteer” Kays –

If the average citizen visits the municipal (i.e.; tax-payer funded) Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter and sees a cute dog or cat they’re interested in, they’re likely to use their cell phone to take a photo to share with their friends and perhaps post on a social media site.  So why are volunteers stopped by shelter staff and told they can’t photograph adoptable pets at the shelter and share on Facebook for potential adopters?  This seems like harrassment, unless they’ve started a new policy of collecting all cell phones and cameras from visitors to the shelter.  What exactly is their Mission Statement?  Why wouldn’t a shelter’s mission statement include encouraging adoptions for the homeless pets?  Shelters across the U.S. are posting their dogs in hopes of them making it out alive….why is this shelter so opposed to it……what are they afraid of?


Incidentally, don’t go to the Weatherford/Parker County Animal “Shelter” with thoughts of adopting any of these cute little puppies. These adoption ready puppies were part of the 30+ puppies that were killed at the animal “shelter” days before Christmas. Why were they killed? Was it because:

Animal Shelter Always Last ~

by Michelle “ex-parker paws volunteer” Kays –

We know from history that the animal shelter is the last to get a boost……if it is a choice between the library or the shelter, the library will win……..they have crazy long hours:

Monday – Thursday

10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Friday – Saturday

10:00 am to 6:00 pm


2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

And the shelter closes at 4pm, about an hour or more before anyone gets off work, doesn’t open at all on Sunday and Monday…..

So if someone wants to go check out a book they have 7 days a week and well into the evening…..if they want to go save a life and adopt a new family member they have to take off work………oh and if a holiday falls on a Monday? They close that Saturday…..why not Tuesday?

The TRUTH About What Has Been Going On At The “Shelter”

By Lee Ann Adams

If I am never allowed to step foot on that property again, it will all have been worthwhile to expose the TRUTH about what has been going on at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter for YEARS. There are MANY wrongs that have occurred (and still occur) on that property.
Things like:

What’s Really Going On At The Animal Shelter –

Is it true that Dr. Kaiser, Vet from the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter resigned from her position? Why?


by Lee Ann Adams, January 22, 2012 –

Those with passion and dedication to volunteering in the past, at this shelter have been silenced for years to avoid as much conflict as possible with shelter staff management. At this point, what do these volunteers have to lose? Nothing. This is why they are writing and calling those in charge asking for change. There seems to be one common denominator in many issues that needs addressed. When you have one person given power and control and no accountability to the decisions made, this is what you get. It is obvious that those in power to make changes either do not care or do not think they are doing a bad job. Continue reading →