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Call it the stupidity of Weatherford voters…

Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber

UPDATE: For your convenience,

Weatherford Democrat’s article:

After defeat, Downtown Action Plan being discussed

Many of the statements made in this article are a reflection of my personal opinion, and are not verbatim statements made by anyone. Please read the Weatherford Democrat article and judge for yourself.


by Lenny Leatherman –

Jonathan Gruber has been quoted many times recently as saying, “Call it the stupidity of American voters….”

After reading a Weatherford Democrat article written by Tyler Mask, dated November 25, 2014, it sounds as if Weatherford has some Jonathan Gruber clones!

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Weatherford’s bond proposal – good idea or bad idea

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

– General George S. Patton


Parker County Courthouse(09)Weatherford’s conceptual downtown plan

When I consider the wisdom in voting for the bond proposal to spend $16.5 million, my first question is – why?

Haven’t we been told since the Parker County 2008 transportation bond program, that the loop around Weatherford will all but eliminate transportation problems for Weatherford – that the loop would divert through traffic around Weatherford?

Terry Hughes, Weatherford’s Director of Transportation and Public Works wants to “recapture that old, historic feel, and be more pedestrian-friendly”.

Really? .… $16.5 million to make down town Weatherford more pedestrian-friendly?

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25 Best Places to Retire

From CNN Money

Weatherford, Texas

Population: 25,200
% over 50: 31%
Median home price: $150,000
Top state income tax: None
Cost of living index: 87

As the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area expanded over the past couple of decades, many communities were overtaken by McMansions, shopping centers, and congestion. But Weatherford, 33 miles from Fort Worth, has maintained its own identity — which is all wrapped up with horses. Continue reading →

City Council and Utility Board to have a Joint Special Session

The Weatherford City Council and Municipal Utility Board will have a Joint Special Session, as posted this Friday, June 10, beginning at 9 am to travel to Seagoville,Texas to tour the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center.

Who is paying for this trip?  What is the purpose?

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Re-Elect Jerry Clinton – City Council Place #1

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How to ‘revitalize’ downtown Weatherford

by Sid Johnson


I read with great interest the front page article in the Sunday, March 13th Weatherford Democrat – “Bringing it back – City leaders seek ways to bring customers, businesses into   downtown”.

Revitalization of downtown Weatherford is an outstanding idea.  The underlying problem with bringing people back to downtown is the lack of parking.

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Eric Matthews announces candidacy for Weatherford City Council Place 2


September 10, 2010

Eric Matthews –  A Parker County Tea Party Endorsed Candidate, Announces his Run for Weatherford City Council Place 2

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Weatherford City Council Place 2.  I have had a proven track record of success in both my business and as a U.S. Army Captain who served in Afghanistan.  As your Councilman for Place 2, I would be committed to bringing that proven leadership to bear on the financial problems that are currently plaguing our city.  My focus will be on fiscal responsibility and transparency; citizen involvement in our government; lower taxes and stable utility rates; and job creation.

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A proposed ordinance to establish the maximum tax rate

By Sid Johnson

The following is provided in draft form for your consideration and comment.  Please feel free to suggest additions or changes as you deem appropriate.  Our intent is to circulate this proposed ordinance as a petition, ultimately to be placed on the ballot for enactment.


An ordinance to establish the maximum tax rate to be applied to real property in the City of Weatherford Texas, to define the taxable value of said property, establish Homestead Property Tax Exemption Valve, establish the fixed value for real homestead property for senior citizens and prohibit agricultural property as a tax status for taxation purpose.

Be it enacted by the City Council of the City of Weatherford Texas an ordinance;

a)      To establish the maximum tax rate for real property located in the City of Weatherford as 50 cents (US) per one hundred ($100.00) of established the taxable fair market value.

b)      Fair market value shall be establish for real property in the City of Weatherford

Texas through a Texas licensed real estate appraiser using the standards to establish fair market valve of the said property as if it was being use as collateral for a mortgage on said property.

c)      Established taxable value, once established, shall be used for the next for the next 3 years (36 months minimum) to determine the property tax for said property.

d)      Taxable value will be re-established upon sell, transfer of title of the said property as of the sale date.

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