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Voting Against Proposition 1

vote no

Learn more about Proposition 1 by clicking here.

Except for the small number of people who may profit from passage of this proposition, will Weatherford tax payers actually benefit from this ‘grand plan’?

 Will you?


What’s next…a few million into the First Monday money pit?

The City of Weatherford is already $94 million in debt. How could any reasonable person think it is a good idea to take on another $17 million debt to make downtown “more pedestrian friendly”?

Vote No on Proposition 1.

The root of the issue is about the good old boy system retaining power

by Jim Smith


In response to Sid Johnson’s comment:

Sid – Bottom line I’m a Republican here in Parker County and have always supported the Republican Party and have voted in the Republican primaries. I quit going to the Parker County Republican Party meetings because I felt like Ms. Prince was using it for her own agenda and not necessarily for the good of the Republican Party.

There are a great many people like me that were active at one time in the Parker County Republican Party. We have since either made our own conservative Republican Party or have become involved in the Weatherford Tea Party.

You see Sid the root of the issue really isn’t the Republican Party or the Democrat Party in the City Election. The root of the issue is about the good old boy system retaining power. Ms. Prince, the Weatherford Democrat, and others who shall remain nameless are a part of that system. For far to long this town has sacrificed the needs of the many for the needs of an elite few. Now that good old boy system is being challenged by Mr. Tarbay, Mr. Matthews, and Ms. Watson and they don’t like it at all. I would say that apparently these three are some very formidable opponents or there would not be as much of a fuss going on as you see now.

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Councilmen Hamilton and Clinton vote against tax increase


Councilman James M. Hamilton

September 15,2009

The majority of the Weatherford City Council just voted to raise property taxes on the citizens of Weatherford. Councilman Jerry Clinton and I voted to keep the tax rate at current level and to explore other options for raising funds to meet our obligations. What a world!
Our thanks to Hamilton and Clinton!

By voting against higher taxes, they have once again demonstrated by their actions, that they base their decisions on sound conservative principles.  They are a reflection of the voters who elected them.

Hang in there Hamilton and Clinton ~ help is on the way!

See the Weatherford Democrat for more on this story.