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Weatherford City Council members acting like playground bullies – kid stuff

At last Tuesday evening’s Weatherford City Council meeting, the residents of Weatherford were treated to what could only be described as “kidstuff”. The playground bully and his sidekick tried to dominate the appointments with their own hand-picked personal favorites and last minute recruitments to advisory boards and committees.
The voters of Weatherford got it right with the election of Eric Matthews. Thank you, Eric and Jerry Clinton, for standing up for the residents of Weatherford against the “good ole boys”.
Councilmen Swancy and Hamilton succeeded with their nominee to the Parks and Recreation Board. Continue reading →

The Good Ole Boy System is still alive and well at city hall!

Eric Matthews

Weatherford Citizens, I am ashamed at how our last Council Meeting turned out. The business of the people was not done. That is evident by Councilman Hamilton and Councilman Swancy’s behavior. They were only interested in appointing folks they wanted on boards. It was especially shameful by the difficult position it placed Mayor Hooks in as Chair of the Council.

My intent in making my recommendations of applicants to the various boards for appointment was to ensure all our applicants that had applied could be put on a board and particularly one they were interested in serving on. Continue reading →

Parker County Tea Party to Attend W’ford City Council Meeting

Eric Matthews of our Parker County TEA Party and sitting councilman for the W’ford City Council has alerted me of this meeting and is requesting that we attend in force tomorrow night…

The next Weatherford City Council Meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm, Tues, Jan 11th. The agenda is linked at the bottom on this email. A very important item we will be discussing is the City Boards & Commissions application/appointment procedures. This has been a hot topic in the past and many citizens have asked that the Council revise the current procedures and publish them online in order to ensure a fair and transparent process when appointing members to these boards and commissions.

If folks are interested in serving on a City Board or Commission I would encourage them to fill out an application at the City Secretary’s office expressing their interest in serving. There will be a number of openings on various board coming up in the near future. This is a great opportunity to help our community and make a difference.

I’ll be coming back from Austin, so I may be late.

Stay Alert! Stay Active!
Dawn King

The root of the issue is about the good old boy system retaining power

by Jim Smith


In response to Sid Johnson’s comment:

Sid – Bottom line I’m a Republican here in Parker County and have always supported the Republican Party and have voted in the Republican primaries. I quit going to the Parker County Republican Party meetings because I felt like Ms. Prince was using it for her own agenda and not necessarily for the good of the Republican Party.

There are a great many people like me that were active at one time in the Parker County Republican Party. We have since either made our own conservative Republican Party or have become involved in the Weatherford Tea Party.

You see Sid the root of the issue really isn’t the Republican Party or the Democrat Party in the City Election. The root of the issue is about the good old boy system retaining power. Ms. Prince, the Weatherford Democrat, and others who shall remain nameless are a part of that system. For far to long this town has sacrificed the needs of the many for the needs of an elite few. Now that good old boy system is being challenged by Mr. Tarbay, Mr. Matthews, and Ms. Watson and they don’t like it at all. I would say that apparently these three are some very formidable opponents or there would not be as much of a fuss going on as you see now.

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How much do you know about Weatherford city council candidates?

by Jason Harrison


Are you familiar with the background of the people you elected to run your city government?  Are you concerned about the taxes you currently pay, and how much more you will inevitably pay in taxes if you keep the same “good ole boys” in city council positions.

What are you prepared to do to solve the problem? Are you going to re-elect the same old guys who caused the problem and then expect them to fix the problem? How insane is that???

I recently moved my family to Weatherford for several reasons – but the main reason is because I love the conservative lifestyle in and around Weatherford.  My wife and I believe this is the best place in the DFW area to raise our family.  Where we came from is not important, but I can assure you we learned first hand what inept good ole boy politicians can do to city government.

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The Race for Weatherford City Council

***  Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy – voices of experience  ***

Waymon Hamilton

Craig Swancy

Experience Is Not Enough…

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City Council’s Three Amigos of Tax and Spend

by Eric Matthews

Well folks it seems more spending is coming our way if we don’t speak up. There are two items on the Tuesday, December 8, 2008 City Council Agenda to be voted on at 6:30pm in the City Council Meeting.  Those items are #8 and #9 on the Consent Agenda.

Item #8 Discuss and consider Resolution R2009-29 authorizing the city manager to make application to the Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program for funds to construct Phase II of the Hike and Bike Trail system.

In 2006 the City of Weatherford applied for Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program (STEP) funds to construct and extend the hike and bike trail from the Santa Fe Depot northwest to Cartwright Park. The program was receded the following year. The Texas Department of Transportation has again issued a call for projects to be funded through the Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program and a resolution authorizing the city manager to nominate this project for funding is submitted for council discussion and consideration. The deadline for submission is December 11, 2009.

Total cost of the proposed project is estimated to be $3,164,800.00 and the city will be required to pay 20% of the total cost. The city’s match would be $632,960.00.

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People of Weatherford! Note how your city councilmen Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy are handing out your tax money!

Doss Heritage and Culture Center

by Janelle Shepard

People of Weatherford! Note how your city councilmen Waymon Hamilton and Craig Swancy are handing out your tax money!

In a Tuesday night meeting characterized by name calling and desperation, the Weatherford City Council handed down an embattled decision to fund the Doss Heritage and Culture Center with hotel/motel tax money in fiscal year 2010.

The measure was opposed by councilmembers Jerry Clinton and James Hamilton, who both insisted the Doss’ accounting for past funding was sub-par, and their presentation to council did not warrant funding from a tight budget.

Contact council members at the following:

Clinton, Jerry
Council Member Place 1

Hamilton, Waymon
Council Member Place 3

Dennis Hooks

Hamilton, James
Mayor Pro Tem / Council Member Place 2

Swancy, Craig
Council Member Place 4

We need to be calling Jerry and James – thank you for looking out after our dollars!!