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Weatherford City Council members acting like playground bullies – kid stuff

At last Tuesday evening’s Weatherford City Council meeting, the residents of Weatherford were treated to what could only be described as “kidstuff”. The playground bully and his sidekick tried to dominate the appointments with their own hand-picked personal favorites and last minute recruitments to advisory boards and committees.
The voters of Weatherford got it right with the election of Eric Matthews. Thank you, Eric and Jerry Clinton, for standing up for the residents of Weatherford against the “good ole boys”.
Councilmen Swancy and Hamilton succeeded with their nominee to the Parks and Recreation Board. Continue reading →

The Good Ole Boy System is alive and well at city hall!

by Lenny Leatherman

Waymon Hamilton


Craig Swancy

While attending the Weatherford City Council meeting December 14, 2010, I watched in disgust the manner in which council members Craig Swancy and Waymon Hmilton conducted themselves and the willful disrespect they displayed toward fellow council members Jerry Clinton and Eric Matthews.

During a discussion to consider an appointment to the Weatherford Municipal Utility Board, Matthews asked if there were more applicants than the individual for whom a vote was about to be cast.  Swancy  and Hamilton said there were other applications.  Clinton and Matthews both asked to be given an opportunity to review the additional applications.  Clinton and Matthews both stated in public that they had not been given an opportunity to review all the applications.

Swancy and Hamilton appeared to have been totally overwhelmed by the simple task of ensuring ALL council members actually received all applications for selection to the utility board – incredible! Continue reading →