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BEDFORD: A House Divided: The Wacko Birds and their war on DC

From The DailyCaller.com, by Christopher Bedford, 06/09/13 –

Senators Paul, Lee, And Vitters Discuss Senate Debt Discussions

A new breed in town

There is rebellion afoot in the United States Senate. A new breed of  conservatives and libertarians are loosed, unconcerned with The New York Times,  unfettered by back-bench rank and unintimidated by Washington politics.

Elected over the past three years, Republican Sens. Rand  Paul, Mike Lee  and Ted Cruz have had a meteoric impact in Washington, soaring to grassroots  stardom, crashing into the Democratic majority and raining down on the old bulls of the Republican Party.

Dubbed “Wacko Birds” by top Republican John McCain, these three wear the senior Arizona senator’s scorn as a badge of  honor.

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McCain Against the ‘Wacko Birds’

The combative Arizonan goes after the loud new kid, and the grass roots choose their man.

From NationalRreview.com, By Jonathan Strong, 06/03/13 –
The debate was over, but John McCain wasn’t done. After he threw down with a trio of younger Republican colleagues he has dubbed the “wacko birds,” McCain proceeded to walk around the Senate floor, ranting about the interchange to individual senators.

McCain was incensed that Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee have been blocking Democratic majority leader Harry Reid from appointing Senate members to a conference committee for the budget resolution. During the debate, McCain “basically accused Lee of being an idiot,” as one aide put it.

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