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BEDFORD: A House Divided: The Wacko Birds and their war on DC

From The DailyCaller.com, by Christopher Bedford, 06/09/13 –

Senators Paul, Lee, And Vitters Discuss Senate Debt Discussions

A new breed in town

There is rebellion afoot in the United States Senate. A new breed of  conservatives and libertarians are loosed, unconcerned with The New York Times,  unfettered by back-bench rank and unintimidated by Washington politics.

Elected over the past three years, Republican Sens. Rand  Paul, Mike Lee  and Ted Cruz have had a meteoric impact in Washington, soaring to grassroots  stardom, crashing into the Democratic majority and raining down on the old bulls of the Republican Party.

Dubbed “Wacko Birds” by top Republican John McCain, these three wear the senior Arizona senator’s scorn as a badge of  honor.

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It’s the ‘Wacko Birds’ vs. the Wackos Again

McCain-1From RedState.com By: Daniel Horowitz, May 22nd, 2013 – If I were granted one wish about the state of today’s politics it would be for the Democrats to be saddled with their own version of John McCain. Once again, McCain is working to score points for Democrats and undermine Cruz/Paul and Lee – the “Wacko Birds” – in their attempt to prevent a free debt ceiling increase.

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Ted Cruz is too extreme to ignore

Isn’t it amazing how diverse opinions are in the U.S.? It’s because of the 1st Amendment that we have the freedom to express our opinions. It’s the 2nd Amendment that ensures we are free to exercise our 1st Amendment rights. 


Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Special to the Star-Telegram, By Eric Celeste, 01/24/13 – In the glow of Monday’s stirring inauguration, it’s a good idea to focus again on those Texans who can’t understand how the world has passed them by, how governing by fear and cowardice will only speed their party’s dissolution.I’m talking about only one Texan: new U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

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Who is Supporting Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate?

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Cruz’ing to Victory – the conservative choice!

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Ted Cruz coming to Weatherford!

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Erick Erickson: On The Senate

Erick Erickson

From RedState, by Erick Erickson, Wednesday, December 14th at 11:54AM EST – According to the vote count that leaked out, Senator Roy Blunt became Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairman with 25 votes and Senator Ron Johnson lost with 22 votes.

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