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Exclusive: Historian David Barton Responds to Critics Amid ‘Jefferson Lies’ Book Controversy

From TheBlaze.com, by , August 13, 2012This is a part of an ongoing series that TheBlaze has been writing about conservative author and historian David Barton.

David Barton (File)

Last week, numerous outlets broke the startling news that Thomas Nelson Publishers has canceled conservative historian David Barton’s book “The Jefferson Lies.” The publishing company is now claiming that the book — which like many of Barton’s projects encountered controversy and intense critique — has historical errors that were found to render it unsellable. In exclusive interviews with TheBlaze, Barton, one of his primary critics, and a representative from Thomas Nelson shed light on the ongoing controversy.

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‘Lost confidence’

Publisher Thomas Nelson decides to pull David Barton’s controversial book on Thomas Jefferson’s faith


From World Magazine, By Thomas Kidd, August 9, 2012 –

The Thomas Nelson publishing company has decided to cease publication and distribution of David Barton’s controversial book, The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson, saying it has “lost confidence in the book’s details.” (See “The David Barton controversy,”Aug. 8.)

Casey Francis Harrell, Thomas Nelson’s director of corporate communications, told me the publishing house “was contacted by a number of people expressing concerns about [The Jefferson Lies].”

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The David Barton controversy

Christian critics challenge WallBuilders president on America’s founders


From World Magazine, By Thomas Kidd, August 7, 2012 –

Barton (Ron T. Ennis/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Newscom)

David Barton, president of the WallBuilders organization and a frequent guest on Glenn Beck’s broadcasts, is one of America’s most popular Christian history writers. Liberal critics have long accused Barton of misinterpretations and errors, and readers of the History News Network recently voted a new Barton book, The Jefferson Lies, as the “Least Credible History Book in Print.” But now some conservative Christian scholars are publicly questioning Barton’s work, too.

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