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Honest and Fair Elections Are Going to Happen In Texas

From Dr. Laura Pressley, May 9, 2016 –


Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we have successfully
Completed our Oral Argument to the Third Court of Appeals

Computerized voting machines have been operating for over a decade and Texans don’t trust them–and now we know why.  Dr. Laura Pressley’s historic election contest has uncovered electronic voting machine corruption errors, security breaches, missing back up tapes and no ballot images exist for a legal recount.

Candidates all over Texas have known about these illegalities for over a decade and Pressley is the first to take the responsibility to address them in the Texas courts.

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The Texas Ballot Challenge, byKelly Canon, May 6, 2012 –


I was in Austin this week… We met with the Director of Elections with the Texas Secretary of State (Mr Keith Ingram), to basically inform him that there are significant “holes” in the level of information that their website puts forth. The main job of their office is to maintain the integrity of our elections here in Texas, AND publish any and all information on their website, “votexas.org”, so that the average voter is fully aware of the election process, the candidates, and all other election-related information, in order to cast an informed vote at the polls on Election day. Simple enough, right? WRONG…

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