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King Pledges Support for Texas Budget Compact

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AUSTIN – Today, State Representative Phil King (R- Weatherford) pledged support for the Texas Budget Compact, a set of five key principles for a stronger Texas outlined by Governor Rick Perry to keep Texas on the path to prosperity.

“In the shadow of the Obama Administration’s out-of-control tax and spend policies, Texas must stand strong and fight to keep our budget as lean as possible,” King explained, “Texans are already taxed enough at every turn and cannot afford for government to take even more of their hard earned money. By adopting strong, conservative policies now, we can ensure that Texas remains the number one place in the country to do business. That’s why I am pledging my support for the Texas Budget Compact.”

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Estes Supports “Texas Budget Compact”


Senator Craig Estes

Texas State Senate District 30


For Immediate Release

April 16, 2012

Contact: Jenna Dailey


Senator Estes Supports Governor Perry’s “Texas Budget Compact”

Wichita Falls – State Senator Craig Estes (R – Wichita Falls) supports Governor Rick Perry’s Texas Budget Compact, which Perry announced today alongside other state leaders.  The Governor called on legislators to support the below five key principles in preparation for the 2013 legislative session:

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The Texas Budget Compact

From RedState.com, Posted by Erick Erickson, April 16, 2012 – If Texas Democrats, or even Republicans for that matter, thought they’d have a quieter, gentler Rick Perry on their hands in the wake of his . . . um . . . temporary diversion into Presidential politics, they know better today.

In a speech Monday in Houston, Perry laid out five fundamental conservative principles for the Texas Legislature to follow, essentially throwing down the gauntlet to any legislator — or wanna-be legislator — who thinks they’ll be able to bring a tax and spend mindset to the Texas Capitol building.

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