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Awakening to the damage done by teachers’ unions

By Washington ExaminerJanuary 28, 2015

union-1When conservatives think of education reform, they tend to regard it as their own fight. They bring up the charter and voucher programs promoted by Republicans such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. They mention Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, whose 2011 public-sector union reforms have already saved his state’s school districts at least $3 billion dollars and averted the need to fire teachers in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

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“Teachers Win: A Case for School Choice”


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TPPF releases

“Teachers Win: A Case for School Choice”

School choice improves quality and salaries of teachers.

AUSTIN — Today, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released a report by Economist Vance Ginn, Ph.D. and Policy Analyst Michael Barba explaining the relationship between a competitive school market and increases in teacher pay and job satisfaction.

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