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Prominent Democrats starting to break with teachers’ unions

By , 10/02/2012 , The Daily Caller – From the Chicago teachers’ strike to the debut of a controversial  anti-teacher’s union film, education has been getting national attention ahead  of an important election.

But the biggest news might be that although teachers unions have typically  been critical supporters of the Democratic Party, a growing number of Democrats  are willing to back conservative education reforms. Continue reading →

Teacher’s Unions Earn an ‘F’

Michelle Malkin

From National Review, By Michelle Malkin, June 6, 2012 – They really outdid themselves. In Wisconsin and across the nation, public-school employee unions spared no kiddie human shields in their battle against Governor Scott Walker’s budget and pension reforms. Students were the first and last casualties of the ruthless Big Labor war against GOP fiscal discipline.

To kick off the year-long protest festivities, the Wisconsin Education Association Council led a massive “sickout” of educators and other government school personnel. The coordinated truancy action — tantamount to an illegal strike — cost taxpayers an estimated $6 million.

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Wisconsin Schools Buck Union to Cut Health Costs

By Byron York –

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker performs a ceremonial bill signing of the new budget law outside his office at the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 11, 2011 in Madison. The new law helped the Hartland-Lakeside School District save money on health care costs by switching providers. Continue reading →

Gov. Scott Walker Fights Republicans, Unions in Mission to Expand School Choice

School choice is on the move in Wisconsin, at least in Milwaukee County.

The state Assembly has approved a bill that will increase the number of voucher students in Milwaukee, and increase the number of private schools they can choose from.

But an idea recently suggested by Gov. Scott Walker, to spread voucher opportunities beyond Milwaukee to Green Bay, Racine and Beloit, received a cool reception from Senate President Mike Ellis, as well as several other Republicans. Continue reading →

King Signs on to Legislation to Support Teachers


AUSTIN – Last week State Representative Phil King (R- Weatherford), at the request of schoolteachers and superintendents, signed on as co-author to HB 2491.  In an effort to support teachers in the classroom, HB 2491 implements a two year moratorium to suspend all state mandated testing and assessments for a period ending September 30, 2013.  In addition, superintendents may apply funds or appropriations originally intended for this testing to support teacher jobs and the resources they need. Continue reading →