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State Senator Dan Patrick Speaks at Parker County TEA Party Candidate Forum

State Senator Dan Patrick

State Senator Dan Patrick

Parker County TEA Party leader, Dawn King, hosted an event last night in which State Senator Dan Patrick was guest of honor. Those in attendance heard Patrick explain many of the most important issues facing Texans in the years ahead, and steps he proposed to minimize their potentially devastating impact.

Patrick addressed a friendly audience of approximately 100 TEA Party citizens whose support for him appeared to be unanimous. I think it is safe to say Parker County TEA Party members are in ‘lock-step’ with Patrick on virtually every major issue. He stressed his determination to end the inane practice of appointing Democrats to Committee Chair positions in a Republican majority Senate. Following Patrick’s discussion, Dawn King proceeded with a Candidate Forum. Candidates in attendance were given an opportunity to make a brief statement about themselves, their qualifications and the reason for their candidacy.

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