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Commissioners Court meetings still not televised


Update: It was due to no fault of Commissioners Court that I was unable to navigate the new Parker County Government website well enough to locate Commissioners Court Minutes. They are there for public viewing. Thank you County Judge Mark Riley for following through on your commitment to make county government as transparent as possible.


Taxpayers are STILL waiting for Commissioners Court to televise their meetings like so many other counties across Texas are doing.

Why not? Is it because we lack the intellectual capacity, the technical skills, or the money? I think not! I believe it is no more complicated than getting signatures on a contract!

Question: What is the maximum effect range of an excuse!

Enough  excuses…we expect results!



by Lenny Leatherman –

Another four years have passed and Commissioners Court (CC) meetings are still not televised…WHY?

It cannot be because it would be too expensive. County employees spend more driving County owned vehicles to and from their homes in one year than it would cost to televise all CC meetings.

So…why aren’t CC meetings televised? Is it because some on the court are “not ready for prime time”? We wouldn’t want the voters to see how ‘qualified’ some of our elected representatives really are, and how business is actually conducted – would we?

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Could Elected Officials and Taxpayers Working Together Promote Efficiency?


By Frank Williford – There has been a significant amount of conversation recently on the Parker County Blog with respect to the new county budget. This conversation has spilled over into the local coffee shops and other meeting places. Some of it has been well justified and some has literally been just name calling and frustration aimed at an individual instead of at the problem causing the taxpayer frustration. Continue reading →

Does Obama Care What’s In Obamacare?

Barak Hussein Obama

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C.During a campaign-style event in Minnesota earlier this week, the President criticized opponents of the health care law who have dubbed it “Obamacare,” claiming that while he cares about the American people, his opponents don’t. But the real question is, does Obama himself care about what’s in the bill he signed into law – how it breaks so many of his campaign promises, and will only stifle America’s economy and its health care system? Here’s a list of 10 questions asking how much Obama cares about what’s actually in Obamacare …  

1. Does Obama Care that the Congressional Budget Office concluded the law’s mandates will raise premiums by up to 30 percent? Continue reading →

Early Voting Begins Today –

    Early Voting Begins Today – Monday, October 18th!Early voting for the November 2nd election begins today – Monday, October 18th. We need your help to get out to vote to fight the liberal Obama/Pelosi agenda.  Their dangerous agenda is creating huge new burdens on Texas taxpayers, threatening our freedoms, and undermining our values.Please click HERE to view early voting times and locations for Parker and Wise counties.  See you at the polls!Phil King 


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Make every dime paid by taxpayers for education go to… *GASP* … EDUCATION

by Brad Felmey


There are organized efforts underway (including Bobby Rigues’ Aledo-area campaign) to thumbscrew the Legislature for more school money. Naturally, it’s “for the children”. Who can be against that?


I don’t agree that taxpayers are insufficiently supportive of education. I agree that funds more properly used for education are gobbled up by indefensible administrative compensation, sports activities, ego-stroking stadiums, and so forth. Our local ISDs have obscenely bloated budgets for the population base.

I think I am just going to go postal the next time I hear we taxpayers get lectured by a superintendent making six figures from the public teat about needing support “for the children”. How about their support? Does their nobility extend to making the same wage as the average taxpayer in their district? I thought not.

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