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They should go over the cliff.

From RedState.com, by Erick Erickson, 1/1/13 –

Dear Friends,

erick_erickson1Happy New Year!  Unfortunately for the GOP, it begins on a bitter note.

Last night, without any legislative language, the Senate Republicans and Democrats voted to raise taxes.  They did not just vote to raise income taxes.  They voted to raise the payroll tax on all Americans.

This will hurt small businesses.

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Conservatives urge GOP leaders to be bold, prepare to go over cliff

Obama_BoehnerFrom TheHill.com, By Erik Wasson – 12/23/12 06:00 AM ET – Conservative activists who helped doom Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) “Plan B” say Republicans must be prepared to go over the fiscal cliff to force President Obama to reach a deal that includes no tax hikes.

The activists say Boehner and other GOP leaders have been too scared about suffering politically if the nation goes over the cliff and $500 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts are triggered in January.

Taxing the Poor

Income taxes aren’t the only way for the government to take your money.

Thomas_Sowell-2National Review Online, By Thomas Sowell December 11, 2012 6:55 am – With all the talk about taxing the rich, we hear very little talk about taxing the poor.  Yet the marginal tax rate on someone living in poverty can sometimes be higher than the marginal tax rate on millionaires.

While it is true that nearly half the households in the country pay no income tax at all, the apparently simple word “tax”  has many complications that can be a challenge for even professional economists to untangle.

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The Wealth Tax

By Frank Williford –

Another “new” concept is now working its way into the Fiscal Cliff Debate. The wealth tax, a tax on an individuals deemed net worth. What a great idea……another way to punish the one percent. Probably $250,000 will be a good starting point; a tax threshold that has been spoken about so much it has actually gained currency (no pun intended) with some conservatives and met instant acceptance by liberals.

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No ”stewardship“ – just entrenched government bureaucrats with a sense of entitlement to spend your money

By Senator Blutarsky –

It is just the new centuries definition of ” the American way ” – nuzzle up to every possible trough to extract every possible source of funds. Build grandiose facilities that don’t improve the core skills, but make great friends ( & campaign contributions) of assorted contractors. Sell all the improvements and shiny new buildings as ” just a few dollars each month” on your tax bill………..and ” oh, its a bond program ” and most of the payment will come from future growth and revenue and promises of new state and federal funding and blah blah !

” Oh and remember we have mandates to serve free meals, provide bi-lingual teachers etc ” ( but do they want to hold our politicians accountable for letting us be flooded with 3rd-world aliens taking away resources from citizens ? )

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Chart of the Week: Taxes Soaring Past Highest Level Ever

 from Blog.Heritage.org, Rob Bluey, May 20, 2012 – Americans are facing an unprecedented $494 billion tax hike on Jan. 1, 2013. It’s been dubbed “Taxmageddon” given the economic devastation it would cause.

Conventional wisdom suggests lawmakers in Washington will wait until the 11th hour to come up with a solution. Fortunately, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced last week he won’t wait for a lame-duck session of Congress. From his speech to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s 2012 Fiscal Summit:

Tax hikes destroy jobs – especially an increase on the magnitude set for January 1st. Small businesses need to plan. We shouldn’t wait until New Year’s Eve to give American job creators the confidence that they aren’t going to get hit with a tax hike on New Year’s Day. Any sudden tax hike would hurt our economy, so this fall – before the election – the House of Representatives will vote to stop the largest tax increase in American history.

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You Pay More in Taxes Than on Housing, Food and Clothing — Combined

From FOXBusiness, by , Published May 04, 2012 – 

Elizabeth McDonald

The nonpartisan Tax Foundation says that this year, U.S. citizens will pay more than $4 trillion in total federal, state and local taxes.

That sum “is $152 billion, or 3.9%, more than they will spend on housing, food, and clothing combined,” says the tax research nonprofit.

Moreover, a greater percentage “of government benefits now go to pay for those same basic expenses of low-income Americans,” it says.

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Chart of the Week: Nearly Half of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes

From TheFoundryRob Bluey, February 19, 2012 – This year’s Index of Dependence on Government presented startling findings about the sharp increase of Americans who rely on the federal government for housing, food, income, student aid or other assistance. (See last week’s chart.) Continue reading →

Who Would Jesus Tax?

Doug Giles

From TownHall.com, by Doug Giles, February 5, 2011 – This past Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama said that his Christian faith crafts his domestic policies—particularly his desire to rob from the rich and give to the poor. In my humble opinion, I think the president is getting Jesus and His disciples confused with Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

I don’t know which White House wizard crafted that speech for him, but the verse he or she gave to our Spender in Chief to back his socialism was more twisted out of joint than a Gumby doll being worked over by a frustrated Gary Busey.

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Is the Weatherford DEMOCRAT being fair to the County?

Front Page Headline: “County errs in revenue estimate”

by Frank Williford, October 12, 2011 – Reading onwards one also discovers the Sheriff Department apparently hired a person previously arrested in Parker County. That might not have been so bad if that person while working for the Sheriff Department had not stolen a very substantial sum of money from a charitable fund set up to aid the family of a deceased fellow officer. To err is human, so we have all been told, and I believe that is often the case. I read the entire article about the error in revenue estimation, and then I read it again. Continue reading →