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Parker County Conservatives to meet January 17th


Tuesday, January 17th.


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City cuts nonprofit support in half

Councilman Kevin Cleveland

Councilman Kevin Cleveland

Finally…. Weatherford elects a man who votes with tax payers in mind! Our thanks to Councilman Kevin Cleveland, who understands the proper use of taxes, made a motion to cut funding for nonprofit organizations.

Does it make sense to anyone, that some on Weatherford’s city council would be talking about raising taxes, and giving tax dollars away to unofficial nonprofit organizations at the same time?

Without naming names, it is easy to pick out one of these geniuses by reading the Weatherford Democrat article below.

Thank you Councilman Kevin Cleveland for standing on conservative principles!

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Its always FUN to spend other peoples money

Ross Kecseg “Local Government Threaten Texas Prosperity: Property Taxes, Debt, Forced Annexation. Learn what citizens can do …

“……….Learn what citizens can do about it! ”

They can start by reelecting NO ONE and send a clear mandate that the ‘back room’ deals and business as usual is O-V-E-R.

has anyone seen the so-called local ” TEA Party” of late ?

You will never reform corrupt county judges, commissioners, mayors, state reps and senators – they are part-and-parcel of the system which is destroying the working man, blue collar, and entreprenural class.

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Mockingbird Lane and Charles Street intersection closure notice

Taxpayers should ask:

  1.  WHY?
  2. What will be the cost to taxpayers?
  3. Who stands to benefit from this?

We have lived in this neighborhood for 18 years and during that time I cannot recall a single time when we had to wait more than 10 to 15 seconds for traffic to clear in order to turn left or right, or to proceed through this intersection.

Another solution in search of a problem?



From Parker County Daily Post, 06/15/2016 –

WEATHERFORD (CITY OF WEATHERFORD), Texas (PCDP) (06/15/2016) – The intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Charles Street will be closed to reconstruct the intersection into a roundabout beginning Wednesday, June 22.

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Jindal’s folly: Insisting the poor pay federal income taxes

Jindal, ironically, commits the same Hobbesian error as liberals and many economists. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Jindal, ironically, commits the same Hobbesian error as liberals and many economists. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Washington Examiner, By Timothy P. Carney (@TPCarney) 10/13/15

Is raising taxes on poor people a conservative thing to do?

This notion — that we need to ensure that everyone pays at least a little bit of income tax — has taken hold on the American Right. Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal is actually campaigning on it.

Jindal’s tax hike on the poor is actually the centerpiece of his plan. His “tax reform” webpage is headlined: “The Jindal Tax Reform Plan: Everyone Has to Have Some Skin in the Game.”

Jindal calls it “a terrible mistake” that about 40 percent of Americans — a bit less than the 47 percent that Mitt Romney wrote off — pay zero federal income tax.

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Homeowners and the Texas Property Tax

To study the report, go to – Homeowners and Texas Property Tax


Just because it is legal that doesn’t mean it is smart!

risk alert-0I believe it is safe to assume that the only people who are prospering from “safe” investments in Detroit, San Bernardino, Stockton, Jefferson County, Central Falls, and many other cities across America are investment brokers, and attorneys. What do these municipalities have in common? Their leaders followed the advice of financial “experts” and made bad decisions. From all accounts these bureaucrats and elected officials acted within the regulatory guidelines.

Just because it is legal that doesn’t mean it is smart!

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A Trial Balloon

By Frank Williford –

tax_man-1A small note in the Weatherford Democrat stated the Weatherford City Council is considering a two cent raise in the real estate tax mil-rate. The City Manager doesn’t think it will be possible to avoid it. Maybe, if no one notices this tax increase can go down quietly and the city management will have validated they are doing a great job. The tax payers should look at the matter more closely and they will conclude they are being ripped off by a city management hostile to the taxpayer.

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Taxpayers will not be on the hook for “ONLY” $107 million –

Weatherford-High-School-1By Frank Williford – I expect the low key media treatment given to the proposed $107 million WISD bond issue has not generated enough serious thought by taxpayers. How much will taxes go up is not the most critical issue, even though it is important and an immediate 10% rise is estimated.  A closer look at details of the proposed issue will startle you.

First taxpayers will not be on the hook for “only” $107 million. This figure is the base borrowing amount. When principle and interest are factored in, the tax payers will be liable for 1/2 Billion (yes Billion) dollars over the next 40 years.

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Fate of “Flying Pigs” vs “Slaughtered Hogs”

Op-Ed: 01/02/2013, By State Senator Craig Estes (R- Wichita Falls) –

 Texas State Senator considers asking Texas Rangers to find missing Texas congressional conservatives

State Senator Craig Estes

State Senator Craig Estes

Where have all the federal budget-cutting Texas conservatives gone?As Chairman of the Texas Senate Committee responsible for our state’s Homeland Security, I am contemplating calling out the Texas Rangers to find them.

It appears that somewhere between Texas and Washington, they got lost.

That’s right! Some of our Texas congressional Republicans voted to pass Obama’s “fiscal cliff compromise” legislation.

This legislation looks like, smells like and tastes like a tax increase. Why?  Because it is a tax increase bill!

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