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‘All in’ for Ted Cruz ~

Ted Cruz

Who is better equipped to join the bright young TEA Party class of patriots already serving in the U.S. Senate; Ted Cruz or David Dewhurst?

The choice is clear. Ted speaks the same CONSERVATIVE language as Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson, and is driven by a burning desire for strict adherence to the Constitution.

But if you are pleased with the current go along to get along “buy-partisan” U.S. Senate, Dewhurst is your guy. He would without hesitation, melt into the D.C. sleaze machine that is filled with lobbyist, good ole boy career politicians and bureaucrats.

If you have not read the POLITICO op-ed that is shown below, please do. If you read it; please read it again, and take note of the authors. They need Ted on their team, and we can make that a reality – we MUST make that a reality!

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