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Kennedy Sausage moving from Weatherford to Santo

Kennedy Sausage on Clear Lake Road in Weatherford will be moving to a new location in Santo, likely around the first of next year, according to the owner.

Another business with employees gone.

Why is Weatherford spending $200,000 a year??  Dennis Clayton has stated publicly it is not his job to “ go out and chase” companies to stay in or to come to Weatherford.  Councilmen Swancy and Hamilton have assured Mr. Clayton his Economic Development contract is secure.

But, more tax base is gone.  You the residents/voters will need to pay more in taxes.

Yet another reason to vote for and to retain Jerry Clinton and Eric Matthews as Weatherford City Councilmen tomorrow, Saturday, May 14.

Again, Councilmen Swancy and Hamilton support Jeff Robinson and Heidi Wilder who will join them to spend $6 million for Heritage Park and $24 million for the Exposition Center on Ft. Worth Highway (site of the old sale barn).  $30 million of YOUR tax $$$!

Sid Johnson

Weatherford, TX Resident/Voter

You may contact me at:

Cell 817-613-7002

e-mail 134cppm@sbcglobal.net

“Don’t Tread on Me” Tea party car flags at College Park Pack and Mail for a $10 donation to help City Council Candidates Eric Matthews and Jerry Clinton.


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The Good Ole Boy System is still alive and well at city hall!

Eric Matthews

Weatherford Citizens, I am ashamed at how our last Council Meeting turned out. The business of the people was not done. That is evident by Councilman Hamilton and Councilman Swancy’s behavior. They were only interested in appointing folks they wanted on boards. It was especially shameful by the difficult position it placed Mayor Hooks in as Chair of the Council.

My intent in making my recommendations of applicants to the various boards for appointment was to ensure all our applicants that had applied could be put on a board and particularly one they were interested in serving on. Continue reading →