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Stewardship is Dead

Senator Blutarsky on ‘Local Governance’ by James Quintero, 7/6/15 – 

Elected “officials” LOVE to spend OPM – other peoples money. They love to promote foolish bonds, foolish projects and assorted boondoggles which accomplish little except for – PUBLIC responsibility for debt and losses, and PRIVATE recompense of profits and benefits.

Local toadies, including county judges and commissioners, city councils and policy makers , SCHOOL BOARDS, are usually “cozy” with assorted vendors, “engineering”-construction firms, lobbyists and the like for pet projects which render very low value for the public dollar and the poor taxpayers, whose neck is on the line.

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We are in 2nd place!

vote no

Senator Blutarsky’s response toVoting Against Proposition 1

Weatherford is currently second only behind Southlake in outstanding tax-supported debt for cities of similar size! That means that for communities with the same population the only city that has more tax supported debt is a city that has a Tax Year Assessed Valuation almost $4 billion (yes, with a letter ‘b’) more than ours (Southlake at $5,649,189,814 and Weatherford at $1,855,507,528).”

and ” christian conservative Parker county ” keeps re-electing liberal Dimocrats wearing sheeps clothing ?……..the low-info Repug voters seem to have mistaken ” keeping us RED” as meaning keeping us IN THE RED !

Stewardship – we dont have it