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The Freedom Index

A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution

Try to imagine the change that would come over America if every elected representative based every vote for the next 20 years on the United States Constitution.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone would take a snapshot in time that shows how near to, or far from the Constitution our current elected representatives are voting today?  Well, someone has done just that! Go to The Freedom Index and see how our Congressmen and Senators are voting ~ the results are alarming!

Tyranny ~ We deserve what we are willing to tolerate!

America, stand up and speak up, before it’s too late!


( Some Random Musings on the forth of July )

No. 10

Thomas Paine – July 2010

Our country is in a mess. We are being bombarded from every direction with conflicting solutions to the mess. We are even seeing astoundingly bad solutions that seem to be saying the mess is not bad enough yet…..we should make it worse and the clarity that situation provides will then make it easier to apply an as yet undetermined solution in the somewhat distant future. How many times have we recently heard from our elected representatives….” We know it is a new law with some problems but we will fix them later. It is better to pass a bad law than no law at all!” In order to believe such a moronic statement one must be willing to ignore the question “If you really intend to fix it why did you not do so the first time?” Do we even uniformly understand what a mess is? Is a big mess the same as a terrible mess or are they different messes?

Where Has Common Sense Gone?

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