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Cruz endorses Paxton

Are you a Ted Cruz fan? Over the past year, I have been incredibly proud of our Texas Senator. When all the establishment in Washington (including the Republican “leadership”) told him to stand aside, to give in on Obamacare, and to let the Obama Administration run roughshod over the Constitution, Ted Cruz stood firm. He stood strong to protect our freedoms.He has been truly an inspiration to me. That’s why I was incredibly humbled and honored by what Senator Cruz said a few days ago at an event in north Texas. Check out this video and see for yourself what he had to say:

Ted Cruz needs an Attorney General here in Texas who has his back. If he’s fighting for our freedoms up in Washington, we can’t let him worry about whether or not his own Texas Attorney General will back him up in that fight.Friends, you can be sure that when elected your next Texas Attorney General, I will fight side by side with our Senator against the incredible overreach from Washington just like Greg Abbott has done. Conservatives across the state know I have a decade-long proven conservative record of fighting for our values.

And now, these kind words from Sen. Cruz come just as we’ve won our 8th straw poll in this race for Texas Attorney General. (By the way, at the Denton County straw poll on Monday night we won with a solid 65% of the vote.) With your help, we will continue that streak all the way to election day on March 4th.

If you are a fan of our Senator, then help me make sure he has a friend in the Attorney General’s office. Click here to go to our online action center and help send a proven conservative leader into the fight with Ted Cruz.

For Texas,


Thank you for your interest in our campaign!

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