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Rena Peden, SREC SD 30 Committeewoman – Quarterly Report

Rena Peden

The second quarterly meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee was held in Austin, June 3 – 4.  Once again, we had a very productive meeting.

Our finances are still in good shape with a cash balance of $811,000 after all bills paid.  Steve announced that out of pocket fundraising costs have dropped from fifty cents on the dollar to twenty-five – quite a big savings.  He also mentioned that historically summer is not a productive fundraising time so it is expected that cash on hand will decrease as summer progresses.  Continue reading →

SREC Update – Providing “cover” for elected officials in Austin

Rena Peden

I have traveled to Austin several times this month and have been able to meet with a number of SD 30 legislators.  In discussing the legislative priorities, one message came across loud and clear.  When our elected representatives push our agenda, we need to ensure we provide “cover” for them.  We need to reinforce their work by calling and visiting and letting them know they are doing what we sent them there to do.  As an example – balance the budget by reducing the size of government not by increasing taxes – AND refrain from using the “Rainy Day Fund.”   Preliminary budget figures indicate the education budget will be reduced by several million.  The unions and media both are claiming doomsday – teachers will be fired, education will suffer and it will be on the backs of our children.  The pressure has started. Continue reading →

SREC SD 30 Committeewoman, Rena Peden’s Fourth Quarter Report

Rena Peden

December was a very busy month for our Party Organizations and our Republican Women’s Clubs.  So many parties and not enough time…I hope everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed Christmas with friends and family.

The 4th quarterly meeting of the Republican Party met on December 4th and 5th in Austin.  As is normal procedure, Committee Meetings were held on Friday and the regular Party meeting on Saturday.   The following is a lengthy recap but there didn’t seem to be a way to shorten it and still give you some details. Continue reading →