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Even Government Propaganda Can’t Save Obamacare

from Redstate.com

Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)


Your federal tax dollars are being used to send out this fancy Medicare brochure (PDF) to tout the glories and benefits of our Dear Leader’s health care deform plan.

If a Republican had done this, Henry Waxman would be demanding an investigation while drafting articles of impeachment. It is actually against the law for the government to propagandize to the American public, but that is exactly what’s happening here.

A number of the claims in the brochure are flat out lies and most are great distortions of the truth. It’s all being paid for by you and me. It comes on the heels of Barack Obama trying to yet again sell his health care plan.

Why sell it when it does not go into effect for a few more years and it has already passed Congress? To improve Democrats’ chances in November, of course. Duh.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember that past performance is the best indication of future success. So you liberals shouldn’t expect this time will be any more successful than all the other times.

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Socialists in Congress still trying to sneak socialized healthlcare through

Although most Americans have become thoroughly disgusted with Washington politics, occasionally we see a glimmer of light that illuminates the ever so small number of courageous representatives who work tirelessly to get it right.  To those like Congressman Mike Rogers who represents the 8th District in Michigan, I say God bless you ~ stand strong!


Your socialist rationed healthcare system is not the answer

Dear Mr. Politician:

You established the U.S. Post Service in 1775. You have had 234 years to get it right and it is broke.

You established Social Security in 1935. You have had 74 years to get it right and it is broke.

You established Fannie Mae in 1938. You have had 71 years to get it right and it is broke.

You started your War on Poverty in 1964. You have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year by the IRS and “re-distributed” to the ever increasing pool of parasites you call “the needy”.

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ObamaCare Shell Game

by Art Helms

Please do not fall for the Reid/Pelosi/Obama shell game. The Senate Hatch-Nelson Amendment duplicates the House Stupak-Pitts Amendment. Both are copies of the 1977 compromised Hyde Amendment, which allowed annual tax funding of abortion. We have been funding abortion since 1971 (even before Roe). Neither of those Amendments will stop a single tax dollar from falling into the Planned Parenthood coffers. Neither will save a single baby from the abortionist’s tools of death. Most of the pro-life para-church organizations are being suckered into the shell game trap.

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Powerful words spoken by an ordinary American

This gentleman and his wife made the tape from their ranch in south-central Texas.  At their own expense, they made 1000 copies and sent one to every single congressman and senator and some media outlets.

It will take about 13 minutes to watch these short videos!  You will be glad you did.

Watch Part 1.

Watch Part 2.

Rhetoric And Fraud

thomas_sowellBy Thomas Sowell
September 11, 2009

“Hubris-laden charlatans” was the way a recent e-mail from a reader characterized the Obama administration. That phrase seems especially appropriate for the Charlatan-in-Chief, Barack Obama, whose speech to a joint session of Congress was both a masterpiece of rhetoric and a shameless fraud.

To tell us, with a straight face, that he can insure millions more people without adding to the already skyrocketing deficit, is world-class chutzpa and an insult to anyone’s intelligence. To do so after an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office has already showed this to be impossible reveals the depths of moral bankruptcy behind the glittering words.

Did we really need CBO experts to tell us that there is no free lunch? Some people probably did and the true believers in the Obama cult may still believe the President, instead of believing either common sense or budget experts.

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King – outspoken critic of President Obama’s healthcare plan

State Rep. Phil King(2009)2As you know, I’ve been very outspoken in my opposition to the healthcare plan that the Democrats and President Obama have been propagating in Washington.  A couple of weeks ago I joined several of my colleagues in the Texas Legislature in sending a letter to the Texas Congressional delegation urging them to oppose the plan as well.

Yesterday I came across this organizational chart of how the healthcare plan will work if it is passed.  I hope it scares you as much as it did me.  Please take a look at this chart and share it with all of your friends.  The federal government has shown that they are unable to run Social Security, Medicare, and many other programs, so why do they now think they can create the largest government program in our nation’s history and have it work properly?

Click on the chart or the link below to see a full size image

Please join me in voicing your opposition to this plan to your congressional representatives today.

State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford)

(512) 463-0738