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Breitbart Is Here: Late Conservative Hero Admired Ted Cruz’s Fighting Spirit

from breitbart.com, by Tony Lee – May 26, 2012 –

Andrew Breitbart

The late Andrew Breitbart saw in Ted Cruz the future of the conservative movement.

On paper, Cruz seems like someone out of central casting, perfectly put together to represent conservatism’s future. His father fled oppression in Cuba for freedom in America. He grew up immersing himself in the works of Frederick Bastiat, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman, earning scholarships by giving speeches about their ideas. He went to Princeton and Harvard law without losing the common touch. He racked up legal victories that helped defend the Second Amendment and America’s sovereignty against the World Court.

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Priest’s new book makes moral case for free-market economy

In a photo made May 7, 2012, trader John Vaccarine, right, works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

From The DailyCaller.com, By , 05/22/2012 – Formerly a left-wing activist who moved in the same circles as Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, Father Robert Sirico shifted rightward on economic policy decades ago after debating a friend who believed in free markets.

“Throughout my life, even when I have been terribly mistaken in my ideas, I have always been open-minded and honest in looking at opposing viewpoints,” Sirico said, recalling his ideological transformation.

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“If I wanted America to fail”

The fruit of socialism in Detroit

by Lenny Leatherman – Our reason for posting “Detroit” by Frosty Wooldridge was to help readers recognize the extreme danger to the American way of life that is so cleverly camouflaged by socialism/unionism. Many believe it is part of a  protracted spiritual attack on America that is embedded in socialism.

I believe an entitlement culture emerged in Detroit from a false sense of security that came in the form of a welfare check and a union job!  That ‘security’ morphed into a monster that destroyed a beautiful dynamic city. Continue reading →

Center for Data Analysis Report On Economy

The 2010 Index of Dependence on Government

Abstract: The number of Americans who pay taxes continues to shrink—and the United States is close to the point at which half of the population will not pay taxes for government benefits they receive. In 2009, 64.3 million Americans depended on the government (read: their fellow citizens) for their daily housing, food, and health care. Starting in 2015, the Social Security program will not receive enough taxes to pay all the promised benefits—which will be hard for all job-holders, but devastating for roughly half the American workforce that has no other retirement program. Add in last year’s preposterously named American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, spiraling academic grants, flat-out farm socialism, the swelling ranks of Americans who believe themselves entitled to “free” government benefits—and now the government takeover of the nation’s health care system—and the very nature of this country’s republican form of government is called into question. Like they have been doing since 2002, Heritage Foundation policy experts lay out the increasingly gloomy facts. Can Americans pull back from the brink of complete dependence on government?

from the Heritage Foundation

Published on October 14, 2010 by William Beach and Patrick Tyrrell Center for Data Analysis Report #10-08


This report should shock every American citizen who cares enough about America to read it.  The pace at which we are spiraling downward into a socialist nanny state is alarming!!!

Click here to view The 2010 Index of Dependence on Government.

Amtrak vs Scamtrack

by Lenny Leatherman

Earlier this year an article appeared in Daily Kos that referred to Ohio Democrat Governor Ted Strickland’s half billion dollar ‘Snail Rail’ Train project as ‘Scamtrak’.

It occurred to me that Scamtrak is the perfect description of the method socialists in America use to transport an unsuspecting American public down the track to socialism.  It seems the only thing that changes from election cycle to election cycle is the pace at which we move toward a socialist state.  Scamtrak picks up speed during Democrat administrations, and slows its pace when the Scamtrak Engineer is a Republican.  But the sad fact is, it doesn’t matter if the Engineer is Democrat or Republican, we are still on the same track going in the same direction.

In recent years we have all become accustomed to hearing government officials and the liberal media speak of America’s rail system, Amtrak with praise and adoration.

While Amtrak may exude the appearance of a well designed and highly efficient means of transport, nothing could be farther from the truth!  You, Mr. taxpayer, subsidized Amtrak in 2009 to the tune of 1.3 billion dollars!  That’s right – you picked up the tab – not by choice, but you paid for it.

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Shots fired by conservatives in the battle to take back America

Congratulations Conservative America for your victory in your battle to take back control of the House of Representatives.  On to the Senate and the White House in 2012!  Please read on …..


How many zeros are there in a billion?

This is too true to be funny.

The next time you hear a politician use the
Word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about
whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending YOUR tax money.

A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
But one advertising agency did a good job of
Putting that figure into some perspective in
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“Crockett” Elementary School – a bit of irony don’t you think?

by Lenny Leatherman


Whether Fort Worth Star-Telegram staff writer Bud Kennedy’s reputation for being a biased liberal columnist is an accurate portrayal or not, I do not know.  But my perception is as follows –

It has been my observation that Mr. Kennedy is a gifted writer.  The skill by which he uses his craft as a stealthy weapon against his conservative neighbors in Parker, Hood, Johnson and Wise Counties, is indeed noteworthy.  The truth in his columns is frequently so well disguised that only a master investigator could uncover it after removing layers of distortions, misquotes, and half-truths.

Kennedy has expressed a desire to write a column about a post on Crockett Elementary School’s lunch program that appeared June 6, 2010 on this blog.  Read Socialism is happening all around us: Have you noticed – do you really care?

What do you suppose the odds are against Kennedy’s launching a thinly disguised liberal attack against the opinion expressed in that June 6th post?  That’s OK!  He is free to write anything that pleases him.  And it’s OK to have a liberal world view.  What’s not OK in my view is any attempt to portray those with an opposing point of view as backwoods bigots.

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Tyranny – a clear and present danger to America!


SPEAK UP if you agree with this video!  Don’t just complain – do something!

Socialism is happening all around us: Have you noticed – do you really care?

Thomas Paine once said, “The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes”.

What could be more noble than feeding children? Seems innocent enough – right?

So who could possibly object to our own Weatherford Independent School District (WISD) feeding children?

Well – let’s take a quick look at the current feeding policy.  The following comments were taken from a Weatherford Democrat article dated  June 2, 2010.

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