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Home-visit programs can give kids healthier start….really?

Texas State Senator Jane Nelson

Texas State Senator Jane Nelson

Before you read the article below “special to the Star-Telegram” by State Senator Jane Nelson, please read this PEW.com post where you will learn, “The Obama administration has announced that it will seek a substantial new investment to expand voluntary evidence-based home visiting programs.”

Is Senate Bill 426 an example of more social engineering or community organizing? Do we really want more government ‘help’ at tax payers’ expense? Once implemented, what government program ever ends? Have you ever seen the cost of a government program decrease? What quantifiable measures will be in place to monitor this ‘program’? How will you mesure its success or failure? How can we actually know if these programs have a positive impact until kids from these ‘underpriviledged’ homes become productive members of society? Seems to me all the “evidence-based” data to which the article refers is little more than psychobabble, the purpose of which is to defend a desired ourcome.

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