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600 Workers To Be Fired As Controversial Activist Judge Sides With Obama-NLRB & SEIU Strikers

Judicial activist chooses Democratic party pals over patient care…

SEIU-SocialismFrom RedState.com, By: LaborUnionReport (Diary, December 12th, 2012 – A Democrat-appointed federal judge with a controversial past and a “weird record of empathy for those accused of sexual crimes involving children” has sided with Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board and the Service Employees International Union by ordering a nursing home chain whose SEIU workers are striking to reinstate the strikers. The judge’s decision to side with the NLRB and SEIU will cause more than 600 replacement caregivers’ employment to be terminated.

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Group sues NLRB for Boeing documents

by Keith Laing – 08/16/11 05:01 PM ET – A conservative legal watchdog group has sued the National Labor Relations Board for documents related to its case against airplane manufacturer Boeing that the panel has been hesitant to release. Continue reading →

Public-sector unions have had a good few decades. Has their luck run out?

– from The Economist

Public-sector workers

The past 30 years have been dismal ones for the labour movement. In the American private sector trade-union density (ie, the proportion of workers who belong to unions) has fallen from a third in 1979 to just 7% today. In Britain it has dropped from 44% to 15%. Nor is this just an Anglo-Saxon oddity: less than a fifth of workers in the OECD belong to unions. Continue reading →