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Social Studies Materials Near Final Vote

text booksTexans for Superior Education, by Frank Mayo, 11/16/14 –

The midterm election was a great step forward for the most part. Most levels of government are now substantially more motivated to listen to conservative ideas and principles.

Unfortunately the State Board of Education (SBOE) ended up with the same basic balance with the progressives maintaining a small but important majority. That means we must be very active telling them what makes good sense. We will have to work diligently to get favorable results.

This week the SBOE will have their final meeting on materials for review this year. These include social studies, math and the arts. Of those the social studies materials are by far the most problematic. The errors and biases in these materials are typical of the political correctness pushed by the progressive mindset in CSCOPE and Common Core. That is not surprising since these publishers would like to sell Texas the same textbooks that they expect to sell the states that have bought into Common Core to get a payoff by the federal Department of Education.

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Update: Video added.


By Terry Lehmann

cscope_logoJanuary 6th was an interesting night as the candidates for State Board of Education participated in a candidate forum at the 912 Meeting in Fort Worth.  It was a very informative forum because the questions were not prescreened and follow up questions were allowed.

The candidates for office are Eric Mahroum, Pat Hardy, and Lady Theresa Thomes.   Their opening statements told us a lot about the candidates.  Eric Mahroum stressed his desire to bring our schools to higher levels so that parents would not feel the need to pull their kids out of public school and put them in private schools.  Pat Hardy stressed that public schools are fine and doing well.  Lady Theresa Thomes used her opening statement to attack the other candidates with allegations of wrong doing.

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Texas Republican Party Executive Committee Update – Quarterly Report, March 2011

by Rena Peden


Rena Peden

Thursday, March 24, was SREC Legislative day in Austin.  We spent the day visiting with our local legislators, Speaker Joe Straus, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and attending redistricting meetings.  They all gave generously of their time spending forty-five minutes to two hours each with us.  They all assured us our issues will move through the legislature as promised. The “rainy day” fund will be used to meet the current shortfall but will not be used to balance next year’s budget.  They have also asked that we let our legislators know that we support their actions especially when it comes to the budget and redistricting.  The special interest groups are constantly marching!  We met with Senator Kel Seliger, SD 31, who is Chair of the Senate Redistricting Committee.  We do know that the population in Texas has sifted.  People have left the rural west for areas in the metroplex.  This means those in the west will have to look to the east to gain population.  There is some potential that Senator Estes’ district could see some minor changes but we won’t know until the maps are drawn.    The House hearing regarding Congressional Districts will be held on April 7th at 9am in Room E1.004 at the Capitol in Austin.  For those interested, redistricting maps are available at http://gis1.tlc.state.tx.us.

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“Thomas Ratliff’s False Sense of Security”

by Donna Garner


Donna Gardner

The Travis County Public Integrity Unit just issued a statement on 3.14.11 (posted further on down the page) that clears Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) member, Thomas Ratliff, of conflict of interest allegations. Supported by liberal organizations and the liberal news media, Ratliff thinks he has circumvented the Rule of Law.  However, he is wrong.

The chair of the SBOE, Gail Lowe, at the request of Texas citizen, Pat Carlson of Texas Eagle Forum, sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on 3.2.11 asking him to clarify the conflict of interest problem that Ratliff has since he is a millionaire lobbyist who has had long-standing business dealings with Microsoft and at least two Institutional Private Equity Money Management firms that do business with the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Education Agency.

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Lobbying in Austin on our behalf –

MerryLynn Gerstenschlager

As many of you know, I am temporarily living in Austin in order to serve as a full-time volunteer lobbyist for Texas Eagle Forum, a pro-family organization (www.texaseagle.org), during the Texas Legislative Session.

The Session convened on January 11th and will adjourn on May 31st.

Because many of the bills filed will include a cost to the taxpayer, I thought you would like to see the attached booklet, just published by the Texas Education Agency.

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Texas Social Studies Standards Released – In Text Form for All To Read

Texas Legislative Update – by Liberty Institute/Free Market Foundation


Now that the liberal media and left wing extremists have had their fun over the past month bashing the Texas social studies standards without having actually read them, let’s see what amount of ink and attention this issue gets now that people can read for themselves the final, approved content of the standards.

Today, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is scheduled to release the final version of the social studies standards passed by the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) by a vote of 9-5, on May 21 after more than a year and a half of public testimony, review, and input by professors, teachers, business leaders and parents.

Here are the direct links to the text of the standards as posted online by TEA:

Kindergarten through Grade 5

Grade 6 through Grade 8

High School

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King Applauds SBOE on New Social Studies Curriculum Standards

For More Information

Contact: (817) 596-8100

For Immediate Release –

May 22, 2010

AUSTIN – After more than a year of debate, over 30 hours of public testimony over the course of four open public meetings, and 14,000 emails, the State Board of Education (SBOE) approved and successfully passed new Social Studies Curriculum Standards at their May 21, 2010 meeting.  There has been much criticism from liberal commentators on how the SBOE handled the drafting of the new curriculum standards.  While no curriculum can ever be perfect, the final work product is a strong step in the right direction and will give students a better understanding of the roots of American history.

State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) remarked, “The attacks on the State Board of Education ignored the transparent approach that the Board took toward developing curriculum standards for Texas school children, misstated many of the changes that the Board proposed, and sought to undermine the Board’s diligent work to execute its constitutional and statutory obligations.  The Board should be applauded for their conscientious efforts; Texas school children will be the long-term beneficiaries.”


Balanced op-ed by a University of Dallas professor

by Phil King


This balanced op-ed by a University of Dallas professor in today’s Wall Street Journal rejects many of the unfounded criticisms of the curriculum changes adopted recently by the State Board of Education.  His conclusion:  “Is the board’s more conservative and overtly patriotic reading of history the best one? That’s a matter of legitimate disagreement. Yet there is no evidence to support the charge that this imperfect curriculum amounts to educational malpractice.”  Bottom line, there has been much misstatement of fact (primarily by various liberal special interest groups) regarding the SBOE’s actions:




SBOE to Adopt New Social Studies Standards

Starting tomorrow, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) takes up the adoption of new social studies standards for public schools – guidelines that will impact students around the country from kindergarten to 12th grade for the next ten years.

The controversy over the new requirements involves the impact and role of religion in America (including Christmas), the Founding Fathers, judicial activism v. judicial restraint, the greatness of America and the exclusion or inclusion of significant persons in U.S. history including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Daniel Boone and more.

Liberty Institute will testify at the hearings.  Tomorrow we will host a press conference from the Texas Education Agency building where we, along with parents, teachers and other concerned citizens will draw a line in the sand on how Texas should teach history.

We are also on Fox and Friends tomorrow and Thursday mornings.


We will blog from the hearings, so visit our Texas Legislative Update blog Wednesday through Friday!

See our news interviews on the Texas Textbook Debate.