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Are you a producer or a consumer?

Barak Hussein Obama

by Lenny Leatherman

Is there a plausible explanation as to why so many people believe the charade about the ‘huge deficit’ Obama inherited from Bush?

Certainly there is nothing new here, but I believe it should be repeated until everyone recognizes the ‘shell game’ perpetuated by Obama and the Democrats in the House and Senate. Continue reading →

An Open Letter to Parents of Our Public School Children

Phil King

Dear Parents –
As you know, due to the projected reduction in tax revenues from the recent economic crisis, Texas must reduce the size of its $87 billion biennial budget by approximately $15 billion.  Currently, 40% of Texas’ budget is dedicated to funding public and higher education, making it THE highest priority of the state and the largest budget item (the average of all other states’ spending on education is 30.9% of their entire budget) Examining Decades of Growth in K-12 Education, Texas Public Policy Foundation, pg. 12.  It is impossible to balance the budget, given the size of the shortfall, without reducing education funding.
I firmly believe that government must take the same approach as families and businesses across Texas and reduce spending.  As parents of school children, these cuts will affect you and your children more than anyone.  I’m seeking your advice for where you believe these reductions should be made.  Please help me understand how to cut the cost of doing business for schools without reducing the quality of the educational product.  While thinking about this issue, please bear in mind a few facts: Continue reading →