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Right to Work Heads to Indiana

From The Foundry, by Mike Brownfield, January 30, 2012 – 

In 22 states in the Union, workers have the freedom under “Right-to-Work” laws to decide whether or not to pay union dues, and now Indiana is poised to become the twenty-third state on that list, bringing the workers there renewed hope in an economy that has seen few glimmers of light.

Last week, Indiana’s House and Senate passed a right-to-work bill after weeks of political maneuvering by pro-union politicians hoping to stop the proposal in its tracks. Today, the legislation returns to the state’s Senate for a final vote, and Governor Mitch Daniels (R) has promised to sign the bill into law. Meanwhile, a dozen labor unions have protested the measure, with threats to “occupy” the Super Bowl to be held in Indianapolis next week. Nationally, right-to-work states have become a target, as well.

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Ex-Union Member Fights $200,000 Union Fine For Working Non-Union

Are you a bit curious as to why so many folks from all over America are flocking to Texas?  A major part of the answer to that question can be found in the following article:


REDSTATE, Posted by LaborUnionReport (Profile)

Sunday, July 31st at 9:00AM EDT

Unions have rules. Union members who break those rules can be placed on trial by their union and, if found guilty, can be expelled or suspended from the union. They can also be fined, as Nathaniel Musser has learned the expensive way.

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Best Workforces Are In Right-To-Work States, Survey Finds

from RedState

Posted by LaborUnionReport (Profile)

This may just be a coincidence but, out of the 50 states, there are 22 states that do not force people to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Workers in these states are often viewed derisively by union extremists as being somehow inferior to their union counterparts. However, a new study published by CNBC may blow that myth out of the water.

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