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How to Find Special Rights in the Constitution

by Art Helms

In a July, 2005 “Meet the Press” interview, Senator Richard Durbin stated that he would have “no litmus test” for Judge John Roberts’ confirmation hearings. But, when Tim Russert asked how he would react if Roberts could find no “right to privacy”, in the Constitution, the Senator stated “I would have to vote against him.” This is another example of the shifting sands of liberal thought. This “bob and weave” strategy is exactly what saddled America with the abominable Roe.

Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun, could not find  the right to privacy in the Constitution, either. In order to write his Roe v. Wade Majority Decision, he had to find it somewhere. Earlier, he had postulated that it could be found in the “penumbras and emanations” of the Bill of Rights.

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