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No Parole for Ricky Carter again this year!

Thanks to all those who wrote letters to the Parole Board, Ricky Carter was again denied parole! Tragically, the families will be notified again sometime in June, 2013 that the process of considering this convicted killer for parole will start all over, and will continue each year until Carter either serves his full 20 year sentence or is granted parole.

Even after all these years, Ricky Carter continues to victimize family members that struggle to rebuild their shattered lives.

Our duty is not to judge – that’s already been done in a court of law. I believe our part as decent law abiding citizens is to ensure that Ricky Carter lives up to his plea agreement, to avoid serving a 20 year sentence for killing each of his four victims. Nothing less is justice.

– Lenny Leatherman

A Journey through grief

For the families of four Brock teens, the devastation caused by a drunken driver didn’t end with their daughters’ deaths

By MELODY McDONALD, Star-Telegram Staff Writer, December 18, 2005 – BROCK — It’s been seven years since Rickey Carter got drunk, drove his pickup the wrong way down Ranger Highway, and slammed into a car carrying four of Brock’s brightest teens.

Staci Lee and Whitney Welch, both 16, died instantly. Mandi McWhorter, 15, lived for 11 more hours. Lacey Osina, 17, lost her fight three days later.

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Parker County family fights parole for wrong-way driver

WFAA, by JIM DOUGLAS, Posted on September 25, 2012 at 11:27 PM, Updated today at 2:47 AM –

BROCK, Texas  — A small windswept cemetery in west Parker County can be a lonely spot for what can be a lonely battle on behalf of four teenaged girls.

“It means everything to us that these girls are still remembered and still loved,” said Liz Osina, looking at her daughter’s large granite memorial.

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Parole for Ricky Carter must be denied

***   UPDATE   ***

Parole denied for Ricky Carter 

October 13, 2011 – The Texas parole board has once again denied parole for convicted killer Ricker Carter.  Justice is served!


September 14, 2011 – It is time once again to write letters to the Texas Parole Board urging denial of parole for Ricky Carter.  Sadly, each year Carter is considered for parole. We CANNOT allow that to happen!  Justice demands that Ricky Carter serve his full 20 year sentence for killing four beautiful Parker County teenage girls! Continue reading →

Campaign to fight parole of drunk driver who killed four girls

Click here to see the complete story – Campaign to fight parole of drunk driver who killed four girls.



BROCK – A painful yearly ritual has begun for friends, relatives and many strangers trying to keep a man in prison for killing four teenage girls from the tiny town of Brock, west of Fort Worth.

They were athletes, scholars and church friends, who died together in a car, crushed by a drunk driver.

Freedom for that driver may now hinge on a website.

A chipped and weathered Santa Claus next to a grave recalls Christmas of 1998, when four families buried their daughters, and the little Parker County town of Brock grieved and seethed with anger.

“I always tell everybody, buy a casket for a 17-year-old girl on Christmas Eve,” said Mark Osina.

Mark and Liz Osina lost Lacey. She was in the car with 16-year-old friends, Whitney Welch and Staci Lee.

Mandi McWhorter was the youngest – just 15.

Rickey Carter was 40-years-old and drunk when he hit the girls head-on.

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