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9-11-2013…Parole denied for Rickey Carter


A heartfelt thanks to all those who wrote letters to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles urging denial of parole for Rickey Carter –


Soon the surviving victims will again face the recurring challenge of keeping convicted killer Rickey Carter locked away where he can never again destroy lives with his reckless behavior.

For more information go to www.keeprickycarterinjail.com.

Time again to write the parole board – deny parole for Rickey Carter

*** URGENT ***

You only have one more week to write your letter and submit it to the Prole Board requesting denial of parole for Ricky Carter!

Convicted Drunk Driving Killer Ricky Carter

My Friends,

It is once again time to write letters to the Parole Board protesting any consideration of parole for convicted killer Rickey Carter.

For those who may not know, or may not remember – in December, 1998 while driving in a drunken stupor, Rickey Carter lost control of his pickup and crashed head-on into an oncoming car. His reckless disregard for the safety and wellbeing of others caused the death of four precious young teenage girls.

Rickey Carter was given a 20 year sentence for killing the four girls.

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