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Rick Perry ramps up

AP Photo

AP Photo

Texas governor invites GOP donors to December sessions to discuss 2016.

From Politico, By Kenneth P. Vogel, 11/28/14 –

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is inviting hundreds of prominent Republican donors and policy experts to a series of gatherings next month that are intended to rebuild his damaged national brand and lay the foundation for a potential 2016 presidential campaign, fundraisers and organizers confirmed to POLITICO.

The small-group sessions kick off Tuesday and Wednesday in Austin with a pair of lunches and dinners held in the governor’s mansion wedged between policy briefings at the nearby office of Perry senior adviser Jeff Miller. In all, Perry’s team expects he will meet in person with more than 500 major donors and bundlers from around the country in December as well as a slew of operatives, Republican National Committee members and policy experts.

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Rick Perry Would Beat Wendy Davis by 14% and 6% With Women, Democrat Poll Shows

From LifeNews.com, by Steven Ertelt, 7/2/13 – Wendy Davis may be the pro-abortion superstar, but a new poll conducted by a Democratic polling firm shows pro-life Texas Gov. Rick Perry would beat Davis in a gubernatorial election — even with women voters.

From the poll from PPP, a Democratic polling firm:

PPP’s new Texas poll finds that Wendy Davis made a good impression on voters in the state last week- but that Rick Perry has also enhanced his political standing considerably over the last five months, making him tough to beat for reelection.

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Preping for ’13 and bucking Boehner

From EmpowerTexans.com, by Michael Quinn Sullivan, December 19, 2012 –

QUOTING…  “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” — Winston Churchill


Michael Quinn Sullivan

Michael Quinn Sullivan

Before we let our thoughts turn fully to mistletoe, candy canes and stockings, Texans must prepare for the start of the legislative session – just 20 days from now!Fortunately, some of our legislators have hit the ground running by filing important reform-minded legislation. But will taxpayers be ready to apply the push needed to see them through? Will we commit to holding accountable those legislators obstructing pro-Texas reforms?

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The Texas Budget Compact

From RedState.com, Posted by Erick Erickson, April 16, 2012 – If Texas Democrats, or even Republicans for that matter, thought they’d have a quieter, gentler Rick Perry on their hands in the wake of his . . . um . . . temporary diversion into Presidential politics, they know better today.

In a speech Monday in Houston, Perry laid out five fundamental conservative principles for the Texas Legislature to follow, essentially throwing down the gauntlet to any legislator — or wanna-be legislator — who thinks they’ll be able to bring a tax and spend mindset to the Texas Capitol building.

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Obama Administration Placing Pro-Abortion Politics Over Womens’ Health Program

I want to share with you this excellent editorial by Governor Perry about the Women’s Health Program and the political games the Obama Administration is playing with it. I recently wrote a letter to Health and Human Services Commissioner Tom Suehs with several other representatives on this subject, urging him to stay the course and follow the intent of the legislature by not giving in to the pressure he’s receiving from the federal government to give taxpayer dollars to abortion providers.

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The Perry Campaign Has Reset and Refocused in South Carolina

From RedState.com, by Erick Erickson (Diary), January 10th at 4:44PM EST –

Here’s what everyone thinks about this year.  If Romney sweeps Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina he wins.  It is conventional wisdom and conventional wisdom is usually right.

But this year there is an anomaly.  The first several rounds of primaries and caucuses are not winner take all, but proportional.  In fact, as you can see from the chart below the fold, there is still a long way to go.

That is one reason Perry stayed in after finishing fifth in Iowa and expecting to finish at the bottom in New Hampshire.  Not only does South Carolina not care about Iowa and New Hampshire, but they are not really relevant to South Carolina, the first Republican primary in a consistently Republican state. Continue reading →

The Choice

Gov. Rick Perry

From RedState.com, by Gov. Rick Perry, January 9,2011 –

This election—including the Republican primary contest— is about a fundamental question in American politics: We have an opportunity to decisively turn away from big government in Washington. Do we want to take it?

Conservatives across the country are fed up with President Obama’s Washington approach to governance. Massive, budget-busting, deficit spending (except on defense, where he proposes cuts that are downright dangerous). Bailouts. An ever-mounting national debt. Continue reading →

Commending the Perry Campaign

Erick Erickson

From RedState.com, by Erick Erickson, December 21st – I risk being accused of endorsing Rick Perry by saying nice things about his campaign two days in a row, but this is genuinely worth commenting on and is not an endorsement.

Yesterday, I wrote a post that started with Perry as one of the best candidates to beat Barack Obama, but commented on what I perceive to be one of the flaws in his campaign. I wrote, “Of all the candidates running, I think he has one of the best shots, though his internal campaign situation has badly served him and he never should have left Ray Sullivan in his position.” Continue reading →

Rick Perry on Foreign Policy & Why He Got Into Politics

RedState.com,Posted by Erick Erickson, Thursday, November 10th – I may be a bit quirky in that I care much more about how our candidates view foreign policy in relation to Central and South America than the Middle East, but I really think it is very important.  Socialism is creeping up from South America, China is making incursions into the continent, and Mexico is in a civil war.

I asked Rick Perry about it.

Then I threw a wild card at him — why did Rick Perry get into politics.  His answer may surprise you.  It certainly puts a more personal, human face on Rick Perry.  This is the fourth and final part of my interview with Governor Rick Perry.

Can Rick Perry Rebound With a Flat Tax?

 RedState.com, Posted by Erick Erickson, Monday, November 7th 2011 –

The Perry campaign wants to reboot, having retooled and refined its message and tried hard to get back on the jobs message.

Okay, fine, but first the Perry camp needs to answer a basic question – why should supporters who went all in for him and wound up feeling burned give him a second shot?  I asked him about that and it was, perhaps, a good sign that he stayed on the jobs message.

The jobs message, though, raises a question about his flat tax – won’t it just help the rich?  Also, what about President Obama’s approach and his hostility to jobs and economic reform.

I got into all those with Governor Perry last Wednesday in Orange County, CA.  Perry also previewed a new line he’s using with credit to Jim DeMint – “Are you better off than you were $4 trillion ago?”