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RPT Convention Update


SREC and County Chairs Swing Into Action

From Chris Elam, Republican Party of Texas – Last Wednesday’s redistricting hearing in San Antonio made it clear that there would not be a Texas Primary in time for precinct conventions to be held at the same time as the primary election. Therefore, this made it an impossibility that the Republican and Democratic Parties could proceed under the provisions of the Texas Election Code relative to hosting state conventions. Upon returning to Austin from the trial that afternoon, the RPT swung into action to propose a remedy to the Court as the Court had instructed us to do.

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Judges move up Texas redistricting arguments

From chron.com, by HENRY C. JACKSON, Associated Press, Updated 04:43 p.m., Tuesday, January 24, 2012 –    

WASHINGTON (AP) — A three-judge panel hearing arguments about whether the Texas Legislature violated the federal Voting Rights Act when it redrew the state’s political maps said Tuesday it is moving up closing arguments in the case because of a recent Supreme Court ruling.

Judge Rosemary Collyer said a decision last week by the Supreme Court to send interim redistricting maps back to a San Antonio court means that many of the parties involved with the trial in Washington will be needed in San Antonio. Continue reading →


The Quorum Report website http://www.quorumreport.com, January 20, 2012 – Although not yet pre-cleared, Court says deference should be paid to legislative intent.

The U.S. Supreme Court today tossed out interim legislative and congressional maps drawn by a panel of federal judges in San Antonio, ruling that maps adopted by the Legislature earlier this year should have been used as a starting point.

The decision by the court sends the case back to the San Antonio panel with instructions to draw maps that give greater deference to the state plan while making adjustments where lawmakers’ choices either stand a “reasonable probability” of failing a preclearance review under the Voting Rights Act or where other VRA challenges “have a likelihood of success on the merits.” Continue reading →

Texas redistricting map likely to be redrawn to benefit of Dems

Fron The Hill (Ballot Box), By Cameron Joseph – 11/02/11 04:48 PM ET – The Texas congressional map drawn by Republicans is almost certain to be thrown out for the next election, costing them a few seats in the House and increasing Democrats’ opportunities to try to retake control of the chamber next fall.

The map needs to be approved by the federal government because of Texas’s history of racial discrimination, and members of a three-judge federal panel indicated at a Wednesday hearing that they will not allow it to go into effect immediately. Continue reading →


With interim maps being drawn in San Antonio, a D.C. panel asks the importance of a timely decision on pre-clearance issues

From Kronberg’s Quorum Report (Daily Buzz), By John Reynolds, November 2, 2011 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – With their counterparts in San Antonio hard at work this week on interim maps, a three-judge panel in D.C. deciding whether to pre-clear the three statewide electoral maps appears to be taking the foot off the gas pedal. Continue reading →

Redistricting – Urgent Issue Impacting Parker County

This is related to the Constitutional Requirement for each state to redraw / re-apportion their US House Districts every 10 years with respect to the latest census.  This year, Texas will receive four (4) additional seats and this forces a redraw of many districts.  Due to this effort being delayed until the very end of the legislative session, options will be limited, and the map must apparently be drawn up in the TX Senate and approved by the TX House.  According to the urgent e-mail from Phil Kink below, they are trying to remove us from our current US House District with Kay Granger and actually split our District.  The proposed map would move the southern half of Parker County into a very gerrymandered district all the way down to Austin (very Liberal), and the northern half of Parker county will go into a gerrymandered district all the way up to Amarillo (Moderate).  The effect of this action will be to dilute our effective voice in the US House as a conservative County, which is probably intentional. Continue reading →