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TX Redistricting Deal Rejected –

NO Apr 3 Primary – Apr 17 Unlikely – Split Election Likely – TX Should Stand Up to Feds & RNC 

From Texas Conservative Republican News, February 7, 2012 –

Monday, February 6th, was the deadline for a Texas Redistricting agreement to be made in order to have a one 2012 Primary Election in Texas on April 3rd. There was an agreement made between Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and some of the minority groups who are plaintiffs in the Redistricting Lawsuit, but then a Federal US District Judge, Orlando Garcia, in San Antonio struck down the deal. Yep, this is the same Judge who is the brother in law of liberal Democrat State Senator Leticia Van De Putte. Van De Putte seems to have a history of unethically meddling in the affairs of courts and other departments like when she allegedly tried to influence a probation department’s decisions in order to help a family member.

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Redistricting Update III – Recap and News From Friday’s Hearing

Redistricting Update III – Recap and News From Friday’s Hearing Friday afternoon, the Western District three-judge panel in San Antonio, which is overseeing redistricting and scheduling of the Texas primary, held a hearing in order to determine options as to when the Texas primary should be held, whether we will have one or two primaries, where the district lines will be, and an overall path forward on how to conduct the party’s primaries and state conventions.

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Answers to some common questions about the Supreme Court’s ruling

From txredistricting.org, December 10, 2011 –

What does the Supreme Court’s order do?

In the simplest of terms, two things.

First, the order halted further use of the court-drawn interim state house, state senate, and congressional maps, at least for now.

This means that until further notice, candidates are not able to file to run for those offices.

Second, the Supreme Court set an exceptionally expedited briefing schedule in the state’s appeals with briefs from both sides due on December 21, reply briefs on January 3, and oral argument set for January 9. Continue reading →

San Antonio Court Proposes Speaker Reelection Map

Robert Miller

From View From The Gallery, by Robert Miller, November 17,2011 – The three judge panel proposed interim redistricting maps for the Texas House and Senate late yesterday and gave the parties until Noon today to file comments and/or objections. At first blush, it appears that the Democrats will pick up about ten seats in the Texas House under the court map, and that Sen. Wendy Davis will become a favorite for reelection in SD 10. The partisan balance of the 83rd Legislature likely would be +/- 90 Republicans – 60 Democrats in the Texas House, and 19 Republicans – 12 Democrats in the Texas Senate. Continue reading →