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A Modest Proposal to Eliminate Injustice in Public School Athletics

By Frank Williford

Injustice in public school athletics remains the single most disparate element of a public education. Let me explain why.

school sports-1Public schools have spent millions of dollars on magnificent modern structures from classrooms to gymnasiums to athletic fields. Administrators have enjoyed significant pay increases often related to athletic performance as well as academic innovation.  Curriculums have been centralized on trendy accomplishments and work assignments have been reduced to avoid the tedium associated with rigorous learning. The digital age has negated the need to comprehend or read cursive.  This leap forward presents the student with an opportunity to learn from the thought process of someone else and thus eliminate the hard work of analyzing and studying original material. This has resulted in happier, well-adjusted students who are better able to rise above any socially unjust station in life.

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