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Do preaching and politics mix?

MosesFrom the Weatherford Democrat, by David Nowak, 03/12/12 – If the only thing God expected us to do was to preach the Gospel, why did he give us a voluminous Bible, which is filed with examples, principles, and truths relating to virtually every important area of life?

If one takes only those Scriptures that deal specifically with the Gospel, he or she is going to have a very small Bible. The stories of the Old Testament, for example, were written for “our learning.” (Romans 15:4). Hebrews 11 challenges us with the examples of Old Testament men and women who were “not afraid of the king’s commandment,” who did not fear “the wrath of the king,” who “subdued kingdoms,” “waxed valiant in fight,” and who “turned flight the armies of the aliens.”

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