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King Pledges Support for Texas Budget Compact

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AUSTIN – Today, State Representative Phil King (R- Weatherford) pledged support for the Texas Budget Compact, a set of five key principles for a stronger Texas outlined by Governor Rick Perry to keep Texas on the path to prosperity.

“In the shadow of the Obama Administration’s out-of-control tax and spend policies, Texas must stand strong and fight to keep our budget as lean as possible,” King explained, “Texans are already taxed enough at every turn and cannot afford for government to take even more of their hard earned money. By adopting strong, conservative policies now, we can ensure that Texas remains the number one place in the country to do business. That’s why I am pledging my support for the Texas Budget Compact.”

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King Endorses Conservative Budget Plan

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March 21, 2012

King Endorses Conservative Budget Plan

AUSTIN – State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) today lauded the organization Texans for a Conservative Budget for their hard work in laying out a conservative roadmap for the next Texas budget. King announced his intention to work toward achieving many of the measures included in the plan during the next legislative session.

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Our Fight Against Washington Begins in Austin

Heading into this year’s election cycle with all of the confusion surrounding redistricting in Texas, it is extremely important that we focus on what this election is truly about. Here are a few facts that should help shed some light on what we are facing:

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Obama Administration Placing Pro-Abortion Politics Over Womens’ Health Program

I want to share with you this excellent editorial by Governor Perry about the Women’s Health Program and the political games the Obama Administration is playing with it. I recently wrote a letter to Health and Human Services Commissioner Tom Suehs with several other representatives on this subject, urging him to stay the course and follow the intent of the legislature by not giving in to the pressure he’s receiving from the federal government to give taxpayer dollars to abortion providers.

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King: Leave the Classroom to Parents and Locals

By Phil King, February 17, 2012 – 

Earlier this week I read a Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial piece: “End-of-course exams in Texas schools raise a furor” with dismay. The piece discusses the impending “end-of-course” exams in Texas public high schools, which will count for 15% of the student’s final grade.

Much controversy surrounds this “latest” iteration of standardized testing in public schools. Once again, parents, teachers, school administrators (and many legislators) have voiced concern and yet, here we go again. Standardized testing is not in and of itself the problem, but is symptomatic of the real problem: the idea that state and federal authorities are better equipped to manage education than our local communities.

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Honorable State Representative Phil King to Speak at Local Club Meeting

Please join Parker County Republican Women as we host Representative Phil King at our monthly luncheon meeting Thursday, December 8th.  As State Representative for the 61st District, Phil King represents the people of Parker and Wise counties in the Texas Legislature. He has earned a reputation as a principle-driven conservative who consistently provides key leadership in passing some of Texas’ most sweeping public policy legislation. Continue reading →

King Interview: Texas Balanced Budget, Pro-Life Legislation and More

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I recently did an interview WallBuilders Live! radio program about the Texas legislative session, why Texas’ balanced budget amendment is the model for Washington, DC, pro-life legislation, and much more.  Click HERE to listen to the interview.  It is a pleasure to serve you in the Texas Legislature.

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King Presented “Taxpayer Champion” Award


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September 20, 2011

AUSTIN –  State Representative Phil King (R-Weatherford) was presented the “Taxpayer Champion” Award from Empower Texans at a gathering in Decatur last night.  Empower Texans is an arm of Texans for Fiscal
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Phil King Interviewed about Texas Guard’s Hurricane Preparedness

Dear Friend:

I wanted to share this news story with you in which I’m interviewed about the preparations of the Texas State Guard for hurricane season. Should we be needed, we are prepared and ready to go.  It is a pleasure to serve you in the Texas Legislature.

Thank you,

Phil King
State Representative


Texas Guard Prepares as Irene Hits Northeast

August 27, 2011
Jade Mingus

As the East Coast suffers through the damage of hurricane Irene, Texas soldiers prepare for a similar disaster that could hit the Gulf Coast region this hurricane season.

Saturday, members of the Texas State Guard met at Camp Mabry and planned what they would do to help the state if a hurricane hit the gulf coast.

“Hurricane season ramps up particularly between August, September and October. That’s our main focus,” said Lt. Col. Phil King, a guardsman and a State Representative from Weatherford. “What we are doing today, is reviewing protocols and making sure we are prepared to go out if we are called.”

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Texas Eagle Forum – Legislative Score Card

The 82nd Legislative Session: LOST OPPORTUNITIES

By Pat Carlson, TEF President

The 82nd Texas Legislative Session will likely go down in history as a conservative legislative success, but with the right leadership in the House and a more conservative Senate, we could have accomplished so much more.

The images below are snapshots of the Texas Eagle Forum Legislative Score Card. A larger image will pop up by clicking on any smaller image. Our entire publication with articles on different issues regarding how your legislators voted can be downloaded here (approx 2.9mb PDF). Continue reading →