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Proposition 1: Good idea or bad idea?

WOW…Aren’t we lucky in Texas to have all this ‘free money’ in our “Rainy Day Fund”?rainy day

Whenever we have a pet project (important or not) that we cannot get funded through the legislative process, we can always propose a Constitutional amendment to raid the Economic Stabilization Fund (aka “Rainy Day Fund”).

What’s that you say??? It’s not free money?

Are you suggesting it is a Constitutionally protected pool of excess tax revenue that is set aside for true emergencies and natural disasters?

Everyone I know agrees on the importance of issues like water, transportation, education …. If the solutions to these and other important issues was simple, there would be no concern or disagreement. If the question however, is how do we fund these programs, my instincts tell me the Economic Stabilization Fund may not be the answer.

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