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Parker County Hospital Board of Directors~ an anachronism having long since outlived its usefulness

Reference – August 20th article from the Weatherford Democrat: Hospital district gives $9 million to WRMC parent company

by Frank Williford
This article is certainly an attention getter. What is it really saying? Who knows? As usual information extracted from the local newspaper and reformulated to meet the attention of a casual reader is long on rhetoric and short on pertinent details. This is not surprising as most readers do not want too many details. However, in this case the Parker County Hospital Board of Directors should have provided a cost benefit analysis before agreeing to a gift or grant that has only implied benefits to the citizens of the county.

Hospital district gives $9 million to WRMC parent company

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Christin Coyne CNHI, August 20, 2012: WEATHERFORD — Last month, the Parker County Hospital District Board of Directors voted to make a voluntary payment of up to $9 million in tax revenue to the company that leases and operates Weatherford Regional Medical Center for yet-to-be-decided improvements to the facility as well as other plans.

“That money is coming back into Parker County for the health care of Parker County people and to make improvements to the hospital,” board president Melvin Woody said.

Five of the seven elected directors voted for the payment to Community Health System, Inc., with the exception of David Barbrick, a CHS employee who abstained, and Dr. Eric Floyd, who voted against and said he believes the payment is a waste of taxpayer money.

Floyd said he has issues with the fact that such a large payment was voluntarily made to the for-profit company, as well as the lack of a contract.

Though they have not nailed down everything on paper, it will not be a “no strings attached” gift, proponents said.

Floyd, however, questions how much input the district will have regarding where the money is spent now that they’ve agreed to make the payment.

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