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Bullying is alive and well at Weatherford City Hall – free speech is a casulty!

Weatherford City Hall

My husband, Sid Johnson, was removed from his position on the Transportation Board without due process, notification, or his resignation.

He was invited to the Executive Session of the 8/23 council meeting because they were concerned about his blogs.  Council felt he was too critical of the city and was trying to censure him.  Sid knows more about a lot of the inner-workings in this town than do some council members.  Continue reading →

Where is Weatherford spending taxpayers $$$$$$$$

From the November 9, 2010 Weatherford City Council Meeting minutes:

“Mayor Hooks made a motion to authorize Staff to use $133,000 from park dedication fee for the design, utilize the $850,000 (from the Solid Waste fund earmarked for the project) to begin the process of renovating First Monday Grounds (including some type of facility for the sale of animals), with input from the vendors, in a timely manner. (The motion included that if any part of the design, architect fees, etc. could be toned down, to do so.)  Jerry Clinton second the motion.  The motion carried 4-0. “

Two issues need to be address.

The first is from the quote above, “with input from the vendors, in a timely manner”.  When are the residents/taxpayers of Weatherford to have input on these capital expenditures?  The Weatherford City Council seems to think they have a mandate to provide a retail venue, First Monday Trade Days, for vendors who do not reside in Weatherford.  Are these vendors paying fair rental fees so the city recoups cost and provide some profit?  What taxes do these vendors collect and do they remit them so the City receives their share. Continue reading →