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Estes files handgun open carry bill

scopeLone Star News Group, weatherforddemocrat.com, 01/28/15 –

AUSTIN – State Sen. Craig Estes filed a bill on Friday that would authorize open carry of modern handguns in Texas by anyone with a license, so long as the handguns are carried in shoulder or belt holsters.

Texas is currently one of the few states that does not permit citizens to openly carry modern handguns under any circumstances. The other states that deny their citizens the right to carry handguns openly are: California, Florida, Illinois, New York and South Carolina.

Texas revisits allowing open carry of handguns

Bryan Hull

Bryan Hull

From Star-Telegram, By Anna M. Tinsley, 02/10/13 – OKLAHOMA CITY — Bryan Hull hopes that the Ruger LC9 pistol holstered on his hip sends a clear message.He’s not hiding the fact that he is armed and ready to protect himself.

“With conceal carry, all I can do is react when someone has begun an attack,” said Hull, president and founding director of the Oklahoma Open Carry Association.

“With open carry, I may be able to stop an attack.”

Hull was among those who encouraged Oklahoma legislators to pass a law last year that lets those who are licensed to have concealed handguns openly carry their firearms.

And he began openly carrying his when the law took effect Nov. 1.

Now he and other neighbors to the north say it’s Texas’ turn.

“The entire country is shocked that Texans can’t open-carry,” said Hull, 44, a general manager of a wrecker service. “It doesn’t fit the culture.”

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‘Open carry’ bill latest proposal to expand gun laws in Texas

A homemade 12 foot by 20 foot "Come and Take It" flag at the Gun Appreciation Day rally at the Texas Capitol Jan. 19, 2013. (Photo by Kolten Parker)

A homemade 12 foot by 20 foot “Come and Take It” flag at the Gun Appreciation Day rally at the Texas Capitol Jan. 19, 2013. (Photo by Kolten Parker)

From Chron.com, January 24, 2013 – As the federal government moves forward on its plans to tighten gun restrictions, Texas lawmakers are proposing legislation to expand gun rights in the state.

The latest proposal is HB 700 filed Thursday by state Rep. George Lavender, R-Texarkana, that would allow individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry weapons in plain view on a belt or shoulder holster.

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Oklahoma’s open-carry firearms law takes effect Thursday

Nick Oxford/The New York Times

Stillwater Armory owner Tom Smith wears his Ed Brown 1911 .45-caliber pistol at
the store in Stillwater, Okla. A new Oklahoma state law takes effect Thursday
allowing anyone licensed to carry a concealed firearm to carry the weapon out in
the open. 


The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, 31 October 2012 –

OKLAHOMA CITY — A new law will take effect Thursday in Oklahoma — anyone licensed to carry a concealed firearm can choose to carry a weapon out in the open, in a belt or shoulder holster, loaded or unloaded. And Bryan Hull and his friends – supporters of the Oklahoma Open Carry Association – could hardly wait.