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The Myth of America’s Decline

Overstretched and underemployed, the United States has seen better days – but history warns not to count us out.

From The American Legion, By Alan W. Dowd – April 1, 2012 America’s current condition is bad, and the long-term prognosis is worse. But don’t take my word for it.

A well-known diplomat fears that the country has “passed its high point like so many other civilizations.” An eminent scholar warns that military spending and overseas commitments are pushing the United States toward “imperial overstretch.” Another says that “the engines of economic growth have shut down.” According to a respected pundit, “Europeans and Asians are already finding confirmation of their suspicion that the United States is in decline.”

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Red, White & Republican

By Lisa Fabrizo

Lisa Fabrizio

Lost in all the debt ceiling hubbub are a few stories which, at first glance seem odd but on further reflection are downright bizarre. One such of these was a report by researchers at Cornell University that purports to show that exposure to the American flag causes “voters of all political persuasions [to] shift toward conservative Republican attitudes and voting behavior…even for Democrats, being exposed to the flag a single time pushes them toward the opposite end of the ideology scale. Continue reading →