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How much socialism

Charles Spurgeon

The Constitution forbids government intrusion into a man’s reasoned convictions.

Why then should government act on his behalf, and without his consent, by giving his tax dollars to non-governmental nonprofit organizations to which he objects?

If he refuses to pay taxes, his property is seized. Therefore one cannot deny he is forced to support non-governmental entities that may be in opposition to his deeply held convictions.

If you believe a non-profit entity should be supported, write a check. But do not force your neighbor to participate in the support an organization that may act in opposition to his deeply held convictions.

Example: Your local government may think it is a good idea to support Planned Parenthood.  If government is forbidden from intruding into your deeply held convictions, should it be acceptable to support Planned Parenthood with your taxes, a “non-profit” to which you may find deeply offensive?

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