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Cantor: Muslims Cant Be Good Americans

The Federal ObserverAaron Cantor

Less Politeness, More Forthrightness

Muslim Prayer

Muslim Prayer

Can Muslims be Good Americans?

Let me count the reasons and ways they CAN”T.

This needs to be read and sent on to everyone you know.

Maybe this is why our American Muslims are so quiet and not speaking out about any atrocities. Can a good Muslim be a good American? This question was forwarded to a man who worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years.

The following is his reply:

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Impossible to be a ‘Moderate Muslim’

Senator Blutarsky’s response to “Impossible to be a Moderate Muslim” by Frank Williford, September 25, 2014 –


I have been trying to expose ” the fallacy of progressive One World Agenda ” since @ 1968. I have spoken to dozens of public forums and meetings, hosted monthly “tea party” groups of activists since before most folk could even spell ” C-o-n-s-t-i-t-u-t-i-o-n “….Have written, literally, hundreds of letters To The Editor, as well as to Senators & reps. I have been involved in party politics from the ground floor, up to and including a staff position on a US congressional race.

I have spent more time, money, gas and expenses…and energy- than most folks who read this can even ponder. I dont want a thanks or a pat on the back – just hard damn facts of what I have poured in, over my life, to try to restore a free republic, since a teenager .

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An American Citizen’s Response to ~ America’s “Rich Muslim Heritage”

Author Unknown –

Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital?

Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?

Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade?

Have you witnessed a Muslim charity?

Have you shaken hands with a Muslim Girl Scout?

Have you seen a Muslim Candy Stripe?

The answer is no, you have not. Just ask yourself WHY ?

Barack Obama, during his Cairo speech, said: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s history.”


Muslim-obama-10Dear Mr. Obama:

Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed?  Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians.

Were those Muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving day?

Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.

Can you show me one Muslim signature on the: United States Constitution?

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130109johnbrennan-340x161One of the FBI’s former top experts on Islam has announced that President  Obama’s pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, converted to  Islam years ago in Saudi Arabia.

As WND has reported, former FBI Islam expert John Guandolo has long warned  that the federal government is being infiltrated by members of the radical  Muslim Brotherhood. But Guandolo now warns that by appointing Brennan to CIA  director, Obama has not only chosen a man “naïve” to these infiltrations, but  also picked a candidate who is himself a Muslim.

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Book: 200,000 Muslims convert to Christianity

Sheiks, imams, Islamic leaders, ordinary devotees defy death, ostracism

WND Exclusive, 7/29/2012 – WASHINGTON  It’s not easy to leave Islam in a Muslim country.

It can put one’s freedom and very life at risk.

But thousands are doing it, according to a new book by Jerry Trousdale, director of international ministries for City Team International. In fact, he writes in “Miraculous Movements: How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims Are Falling in Love With Jesus,” some 200,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity in just the last six years. And they include sheiks, imams, Muslim leaders and ordinary devotees of the faith.

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Is it Racist to Criticize Islam?

from Citizen Warrior.com

Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali a racist? She was born in Somalia, from which she escaped to avoid an arranged marriage, and she eventually became a member of Parliament in the Netherlands.

She helped produce a film with Theo Van Gogh which criticized Islam’s treatment of women. Van Gogh was shot to death by a Muslim in retaliation, and a note was pinned to his chest with a knife — a note that threatened Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

She made her way to the United States, and has since written two books critical of Islam: Infidel and Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations. Continue reading →

The president without a country

By Pat Boone

“We’re no longer a Christian nation.” – President Barack Obama, June 2007

” America has been arrogant.” – President Barack Obama

“After 9/11, America didn’t always live up to her ideals.”- President Barack Obama

“You might say that America is a Muslim nation.”- President Barack Obama, Egypt 2009

Thinking about these and other statements made by the man who wears the title of president. I keep wondering what country he believes he’s president of.

In one of my very favorite stories, Edward Everett Hale’s “The Man without a Country,” a young Army lieutenant named Philip Nolan stands condemned for treason during the Revolutionary War, having come under the influence of Aaron Burr. When the judge asks him if he wishes to say anything before sentence is passed, young Nolan defiantly exclaims, “Damn the United States ! I wish I might never hear of the United States again!”

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