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Egypt supreme court freezes Mohammed Morsi parliament decree

Egypt’s military-backed supreme court froze a decree issued by President Mohammed Morsi reinstating the Islamist-led parliament, just hours after it reconvened.

Egyptian politicians defied a supreme court ruling by convening parliament but stepped back from a major confrontation with the country’s military leadership by adjourning after just five minutes. Photo: EPA

From The Telegraph, By Magdy Samaan, Cairo and Adrian Blomfield, 10 Jul 2012 –

Politicians had earlier defied a supreme court ruling by meeting but stepped back from a major confrontation with Egypt’s military leadership by adjourning after five minutes.

Suggesting that a compromise had been reached, soldiers guarding Cairo’s parliament buildings made no effort to prevent MPs from entering. In return, legislators avoided addressing parliamentary business and instead approved a procedural motion to lodge a formal appeal against a decision by the military-backed supreme court upholding an earlier ruling dissolving   parliament.

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